COVID-19: The Rest of the Story

How do we create peaceful inner balance and immune wellness to replace the stress fight or flight response?  Our media seems to focus on “healthy” young people dying which is thankfully rare.

Who is Dying From COVID 19?

The coronavirus overwhelmingly targets those who are very old and very sick. They usually are already suffering with a long list of chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, COPD, and heart disease. In fact, more children die from the flu than from COVID-19.

When they die, many of these very sick senior citizens had just months to live regardless. In fact, the median age of those who die with the Coronavirus is between 80 – 82 years of age. This means that almost half who die are older than 81 and half are younger than 81.

Source: Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns: Part 1: Introduction and Death Counts and Estimates Paperback – June 4, 2020  Alex Berenson  (Author)

Another perspective is many of what are called COVID 19 deaths are really deaths from chronic disease and old age with the “straw that broke the camel’s back” a virus trigger.

As Louis Pasteur, the famous scientist who championed the “germ theory”, reportedly said on his deathbed, “The terrain (bio terrain or immune system) is everything, the germ is nothing”.   To me this means our immune health is primary – the “germ” or microbe is secondary.

Our medical disease care system appears stuck in the “wear a mask, wash your hands, keep your distance, and wait for a vaccine mode”.  The question, “How do we boost our immune system to help us stay well regardless of the threat” is not being asked – or answered by the Centers for Disease Control or mainstream media.

If you would like to learn more, Dr. Gerhart’s newest book, “Creating an Invincible Immune System – Empowering You to Stay Well in Challenging Times” is available now.

Molecular Hydrogen

This is a fascinating new approach to support immune and overall Wellness with ultra-potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action for our entire body.

This is supplied as a tablet dropped into non-carbonated water that dissolves into millions of tiny molecular hydrogen bubbles. These bubbles pass easily through our gut lining, blood brain barrier, and cell membranes to quenches our most harmful free radicals while sparing important oxidants needed for cell signaling and fighting pathogenic microbes.

Quicksilver Scientific supplies the high-dose formula we use as “H2 Elite”.  Molecular Hydrogen is shown by the research to support:

  • Healthy mitochondrial energy production.
  • Protection from the ultra-destructive peroxynitrite and hydroxyl free radicals that result from harmful ElectroMagnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation exposure.
  • Activation of NrF2 to activate over 200 cellular repair genes
  • Reduction of excessive, harmful inflammation
  • Reducing apoptosis (cell death) signaling
  • Reducing allergy immune imbalances
  • Adaptogenic responses so we handle oxidative stress better
  • Improved detoxification
  • Enhanced athletic performance – improved stamina & reduced muscle fatigue
  • Improved blood sugar and insulin regulation
  • Improvement in neurodegeneration
  • Improved immune function

Best to dissolve one tablet in a glass of still (non-carbonated) water and drink once or twice per day. Takes about 2 minutes to fully dissolve and saturate the water becoming ready to drink. Not as effective is sipped over time

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Vitamin D Combats Viral Infections and Boosts Immune System

Research is showing that Vitamin D levels (60 – 80 ng/ml) on blood testing are ideal for health and disease prevention including COVID.

Another research study showed that those suffering with low Vitamin D (20 – 30 ng/ml) had a 700% increased risk of COVID death compared to those above 30 ng/ml.

dangerously low Vitamin D (below 20 ng/ml) was linked to a 1200% increased risk of COVID death compared to those above 30 ng/ml.

Those with the highest Vitamin D levels had the mildest COVID illness

Those with the lowest Vitamin D had the most severe COVID illness and deaths.

The racial disparities with COVID deaths appear related, in part, to the fact that our Vitamin D levels correlate to our skin color.  The darker our skin, the harder it is to make Vitamin D from sun exposure.  Sadly, 40% of the COVID deaths in Detroit, Michigan are in the black community who make up only 14% of the total population.

To learn more, watch the excellent interview by Dr. Joe Mercola of 3 top researchers with expertise in Vitamin D and immune function.

This problem is not always solved by just taking Vitamin D.  Get an inexpensive blood test for 25-OH Vitamin D3 so that you know your starting point.  Then add Vitamin K2-D3 combined at the dose that makes sense based on your blood test.  Retest in 8 weeks to make sure it is working for your unique system.  When Vitamin D levels are dangerously low (less than 20 ng/ml) I typically recommend (for a 150 pound adult) 2/meal or 6/day of the Vitamin K2-D3 supplement I recommend.  Each capsule contains 180 mcg of Vitamin K2 (MK-7 version) combined with 5,000 IU of Vitamin D.  Retesting at 8 weeks is essential to avoid the dangers of staying too low on Vitamin D, or the hazards of going too high.

Reference: William B. Grant 1,* , Henry Lahore 2 , Sharon L. McDonnell 3 , Carole A. Baggerly 3 , Christine B. French 3 , Jennifer L. Aliano 3 and Harjit P. Bhattoa et. Al. Evidence that Vitamin D Supplementation Could Reduce Risk of Influenza and COVID-19 Infections and Deaths. Nutrients  April 2020

Written by: Dr. Timothy Gerhart, D.C., D.A.B.C.I., Dipl, local doctor and lecturer. Published author of 5 books including the newest: “Creating an Invincible Immune System-Empowering You to Stay Well in Challenging Times” due out this month. For more information: or call 623-776-0206.

Creating an Invincible Immune System – Empowering You to Stay Well in Challenging Times

Renovare Wellness is proud to announce that Dr. Timothy Gerhart currently working on his 5th book titled “Creating an Invincible Immune System – Empowering You to Stay Well in Challenging Times”.
Read the Introduction below that will guide you to an “Invincible Immune System”.



What is an “Invincible Immune System”?  It is an immune system that easily fends off viral threats with potent anti-viral weapons.  Then it quickly stops to avoid damaging healthy tissue.  It is vigilant and only responds when needed and maintains the complex balance between friendly microorganisms that live in and on us and the potential pathogens that could make us sick.

When the seasonal flu, common cold, SARS, COVID or whatever virus is making its rounds, there are always those who, even though exposed, don’t get sick. They have an Invincible Immune System.

The fact is germs (viruses, flu, SARS, COVID, bacteria) don’t make us sick.  If they did, 100% of those exposed would get sick every time they were exposed.  Recent data on COVID 19 shows from 25% up to 50% of those exposed to the virus don’t get sick – many don’t even know they were exposed.

What makes us sick is a WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEM combined with exposure to a “germ” trigger.  Louis Pasteur, the famous microbiologist who discovered germs is reported to have said on his deathbed that: “The germ is nothing, the terrain (immune system) is everything”.




Our immune systems have been keeping us well since the dawn of time. Yet, many live in viral fear.  Annual flu epidemics kill 250,000 – 500,000 people each year. We have a long history of viral infection epidemics and pandemics.  Recent history includes:

  1. 1918 Spanish Flu – led to up to 100 million deaths
  2. 1957 Asian Flu – led to 1-4 million deaths
  3. 1968 Hong Kong Flu – led to about 1-4 million deaths worldwide
  4. 1981-present AIDS Pandemic– led to over 32 million deaths worldwide
  5. 1997 Bird Flu – led to 352 deaths (a lot of scare at the time, few deaths)
  6. 2002-2004 SARS (from a coronavirus) outbreak – led to 774 deaths worldwide
  7. 2009 Swine Flu – up to 575,000 deaths worldwide
  8. 2012 MERS (another coronavirus) – led to 862 deaths
  9. 2014-2016 West African Ebola epidemic – led to more than 11,000 deaths
  • 2015-present Zika Virus epidemic – led to over 50 deaths
  • 2017-2018 United States Flu season – led to 60,000 to over 80,000 deaths
  • 2019-2020 Coronavirus epidemic – 149,884 deaths worldwide as of 4/17/20) (Note: Death toll may be inflated since many deaths not conclusively linked to COVID 19)

Sobering, even scary list.  The list above of diseases is sobering reminder that the latest COVID 19 pandemic is not the first and certainly not the last viral disease challenge we will face. Also, that the COVID 19 pandemic is not even in the same league compared to past challenges.  The Spanish Flu led to 100 million deaths, COVID 19 to April 17th just 150,000 deaths.  We are fortunate to have escaped a really serious immune challenge this time around.

With this long list of disease and death, how are any of us even still alive? What is the difference between those who get sick and die and those who not only survive, but often don’t even get sick?

Our wonderous, miraculous, incredible immune system is the difference.  With the COVID 19 pandemic, over 25% (and rising with more testing) of those infected don’t get sick at all!  Is now a great time to start creating a more Invincible Immune System so we stay in the “over 25%” group?


This “over 25% group” is a practical example of “Invincible Immune Systems” at work.  This is the opposite of weakened, stressed, beat-up, toxic, drugged, diseased immune systems.

In active practice since 1983, often treating patients who are sick, I have been exposed to LOTS of viruses and other microbes.  I have learned that the most important factor to me staying well is how well I am taking care of my immune system.  Using many of the approaches I describe in this book, I am very rarely sick – less than one sick day every 5 years by my count.  I now understand that when I get sick, it is my own darn fault.  I have let excessive stress, overwork, under-rest, and more weaken my immune system while neglecting what is needed to build my immune system.  As Louis Pasteur, the famous scientist who championed the “germ theory”, reportedly said on his deathbed, “The terrain (bio terrain or immune system) is everything, the germ is nothing”.   To me this means our immune health is primary – the “germ” or microbe is secondary.

Immune challenges have been mounting to weaken large swaths of our population.  We are woefully unprepared for major challenges like COVID 19.  Make no mistake, this is not the last of our immune challenges.

Let me guide you through this book on the journey towards creating a more “Invincible Immune System”. This involves reducing the “bad stuff” (toxic and stressful loads) that weaken our immune system while a adding the “good stuff” to support our high-level immune wellness.

Let’s start together the journey to learn how to do just that.

Renovare looks forward to keeping you informed of the future release of  “Creating an Invincible Immune System – Empowering You to Stay Well in Challenging Times”.

Thank You!

The Perils of Obesity in Era of COVID & Why COVID Death Rates are Artificially Elevated

What is the one of the biggest risk factors for getting seriously sick with COVID and ending up in the hospital?


Are your surprised?

“Obesity has been found to be one of the biggest risk factors leading to hospitalization for those with coronavirus.”  This is from research our of England.

There are multiple reasons obesity creates elevated risk of getting sick:

  1. Obesity is caused by poor cellular energy production in our mitochondria. Instead of making energy, we are making fat and free radicals.  This starves our immune system of the energy needed to keep us Well.
  2. Obesity creates massive inflammation which degrades immune function and damages our protective 1st line of defense – our mucosa that covers our nose, throat, sinus, lungs and more.
  3. Obesity increases our risk of the deadly “cytokine storm” in which our dysfunctional immune system destroys the virus in our lungs and then gets stuck “ON” and damages and destroys our lung tissues. This can lead to massive drops in blood pressure, organ failure, and death.

Is now a good time to binge on junk food, binge watch TV or play video games, and stress out on depressing fear-based news?

Most of our obesity epidemic is caused by metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance. How do we help our metabolism so we can release fat and get healthier?

Metabolic Syndrome Repair Basics

  1. Fix the Brain and Body on Fire
  2. Fix Blood Sugar and Insulin Regulation
    1. Take a break from the sugar (esp. hidden sugar in processed foods) and from the grains that quickly convert to sugar
    2. Avoid liquid sugar like the plague
      1. Sodas (both the sugar loaded and artificially sweetened)
      2. Fruit juices
    3. Supplement Smart
    4. Increase Colored Veggies, healthy fats, and prebiotic & fermented foods (See microbiome chapter and Eat Smart Chapter)
  3. Restore your sleep
  4. Add some movement – an active lifestyle is better than torturing yourself with occasional visits to the gym that you hate. A brisk morning walk and another after dinner do far more than we realize.
  5. Drink at least two quarts of filtered water per day.
  6. Get help with sugar addiction. See the section on Neurotransmitter support. Must deal with the major underlying causes. Often serotonin depletion, living on the hormones of stress – a life out of balance.  A brain out of balance – neurofeedback and meditation can be quite helpful.


Why COVID Death Rates are Artificially Elevated














Since very few of the mild cases are being tested or counted, the death rates tend to be artificially elevated.  The actual death rates are likely comparable to our most recent H1N1 flu epidemic.

For example, if 1000 COVID cases occur, and we count only those 100 cases with moderate to severe symptoms (top to the pyramid) and have 10 deaths, we have a 1% death rate.   If we count all 1000 COVID cases, we now have a .1% death rate.  Our most current flu outbreak had a .1% death rate.

Perhaps this is why some estimates of COVID death rate are as low at .1%?

Jason Oke at the University of Oxford thinks not all of the deaths attributed to the coronavirus are caused by it. He points out that while there is an excess of deaths in Italy according to EuroMOMO, a public health monitoring organisation, it isn’t as large as that during the last bad flu season in 2016. His team thinks the infection fatality rate could be as low as 0.1 per cent.

Did we fear the flu and resort to massive fear and disruption of our country over the flu?   Are we reacting in a rational way to COVID?

Perhaps we have nothing to fear but fear itself – as long we have a reasonably healthy immune system?

Perhaps focusing on building our immune system should be our primary focus?

My top Nutritional Supplements to build immune function:

  1. Vitamin K2-D3 I recommend 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3 along with 360 mcg of Vitamin K2 (MK 7 version)
  2. Mega Multi Pro or another high grade multiple vitamin/mineral designed to be used at 3 or 4 capsules per day.
  3. Zinc Glycinate – highly absorbable form.
  4. Vitamin A – Bio AE Mulsion Forte is my favorite at 15 drops 3X/day
  5. Vitality C – at 8 to 16 grams per day.
  6. Biocidin – a synergistic blend of 17 herbs and essential oils with over 30 years of clinical use.
  7. Brain Relax Max – reduce stress and boost cellular energy to power our Immune system.

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