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A biofilm is a slimy coating that bacteria spit out in order to protect themselves from detection of the immune system and also to stop any antibiotics or any fungus from getting in and breaking them up.

Biofilms are:

  • Undetected in the immune system
    • They don’t show in tests
  • Resist to antibiotics which makes them very difficult to eradicate with antibiotics
  • Survive in the immune system without the immune system planning an attack on it
    • Resistant to the activities of the host immune system

Biofilms are “quorum sensing” which means they communicate with each other. They can be yeast, bacteria or viruses and because they are sticky they harbor things like heavy metals and endocrine disruptors which are harmful to the body.

Examples of conditions related to Biofilm

“Biofilms have been found to be involved in a wide variety of microbial infections in the body, by one estimate 80% of all infections. Infectious processes in which biofilms have been implicated include common problems such as bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infections, catheter infections, middle-ear infections, formation of dental plaque, gingivitis, coating contact lenses, and less common but more lethal processes such as endocarditis, infections in cystic fibrosis, and infections of permanent indwelling devices such as joint prostheses, heart valves, and intervertebral disc…. It has recently been shown that biofilms are present on the removed tissue of 80% of patients undergoing surgery for chronic sinusitis.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biofilm, n.d.)

It has been found that botanicals and essential oils have been shown the most effective method of eradicating these biofilms. More specifically, a product called Biocidin®  has been proven to completely dismantle biofilms.

Benefits of Biocidin®  which uses antimicrobial compounds to:

  • Stop Quorum Sensing (communication between Biofilms)
    • Creates massive die off so bugs, heavy metals and endocrine disruptors flood the system. This die off stops the communication process
  • Stop the Initial Attachment of the formation of the biofilm
  • Stop Swarming Motility
    • the bugs form little legs such as flagella and pilis and go throughout the body.
  • Stop replication and spreading

Biocidin®  Testing

  • 250,000+ Complete Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSAs) performed
  • Biocidin® was the most HIGHLY EFFECTIVE against:
  • Testing showed high level of activity against:
  • Bacteria – klebsiella, staph, strep
  • Yeast – candida
  • Fungal species – aspergillus

Biocidin® Testing

“Biocidin®  has been the most broadly acting and powerful agent all the substances evaluated.” -Martin Lee, PhD, Former Director, Genova Diagnostics

Information from Bio-Botanical Research and presented by Sara Treffert, FDN-P –  Microbiome Keynotes 2019