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Box Breathing is a deep breathing technique that can provide almost an immediate sense of calm and lower blood pressure. This exercise may also clear the mind, relax the body and improve focus. Although we think of breathing as part of our involuntary mechanisms in our body, it can shift to a controlled, voluntary system.

This box breathing technique is used by yogis, Navy Seals, police, first responders, and high performance athletes to calm the breath and focus the mind because it is such a powerful stress reliever.

Breathing exercises help the nervous system and heart. The breathing increases oxygen to the brain, spinal cord and nerves, giving them more nourishment. This in turn reduces the amount of work the heart has to do by increasing circulation and making the lungs more efficient.

Breathing exercises can assist in releasing toxins from the body, along with many other benefits. For more information visit: https://unbeatablemind.com/7-tangible-benefits-of-breathing-exercises/

How to Practice Box Breathing

Relax your body and do the following:

  • Let out all of the air in your lungs to the count of four.
  • Keep your lungs empty for a count of four.
  • Inhale for a count of four.
  • Keep your lungs full for a count of four.

If you prefer, you may use the Breath Pacer below from Quietfit to help pace your breathing.

Breath Pacer from Quietkit.com

For More information on Breathing Techniques and Box Breathing Visit: https://www.verywellmind.com/the-benefits-and-steps-of-box-breathing-4159900

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