Why Brain Scanning Matters

What if you could SEE how your brain is working and how it is not working? How could that make a difference for you?

How Do You Know Unless You Look?

Your brain controls EVERYTHING! Your brain waves control your hormones, stress levels, your sleep, and your pain. Your brain will determine whether you experience anxiety. Your energy level is determined by the function of your brain and how fast or slow it is working.

What if you could SEE how your brain is working and how it is not working? How could that make a difference for you?

Your Brain Scan helps us discover:

Is your brain overactive (anxiety, stress sensitive) or underactive (fatigue, depression, brain fog)?

Is your brain connectivity excessive (poorly connecting like a traffic jam) or depressed (poorly connecting like dropped cell-phone calls)?

Is your brain suffering and disease-prone OR balanced with high level wellness?

With this specific information about your brain wave pattern we can design a specific brain training program (neurofeedback) that will maximize your brain performance. We can see if concussion is still a problem for you as shown below:

This person has a 99.5% probability of unhealed concussion with a moderate to severe rating. This guides us in recommending supportive supplement, lifestyle, and therapies that fit your needs.

This brain scan image shows the need to focus support on the Anterior Cingulate part of the Limbic Brain Lobe which is important in emotional regulation, pain perception, heart rate, and blood pressure control:

Grey is normal and blue is brain wave underactivity. This brain imbalance was causing all sort of problems for this patient. Putting together her puzzle required discovering this brain wave imbalance so we could create a customized program to support her return to brain Wellness.

Imagine a complete brain care program that is tailored to your individual brain and nervous system needs! At Renovare Brain Wellness, our Brain Balancing Program is all about dealing with the root issues of WHY you have your health problems so that you can ENJOY LIFE with high level energy, vitality, and wellness – naturally!

Does This Work?

Here is one of our testimonial stories of how Brain Scanning helped us understand how to design a customized Brain Balancing Neurobiofeedback and Therapeutic Lifestyle Change process for this young lady:

Prior to Brain Scanning and Brain Balancing at Renovare, my 13 year old daughter carried an enormous amount of anxiety. It was so difficult for her to manage the day that she could not function. She was emotional all the time. Because of her emotional turmoil, she was too reactionary to listen and discuss things.

Since the Brain Balancing has completed, my daughter has enjoyed a complete turnaround. Her sleep is improved. Her anxiety has decreased and she is no longer sad. She is cooperative. She has mood swings but now she has the ability to reason. We can discuss relating to school and there is less stress in the household. We can go out to restaurants and she remains comfortable in social situations.

I am pleased that the Brain Balancing was available so we did not have to resort to drugs, she would have to use them for a lifetime. I am grateful for the opportunity to find effective help for our daughter, help that resolved her problems without using drugs. (Note from Dr. Gerhart: this is one story and obviously everyone we work with is unique and different so we cannot promise the same results for everyone. That being said, almost everyone improves to some degree, most in major ways, in our experience. Also, this approach is extremely safe with no FDA adverse effects reported in over 40 years of University and clinical use.)

Dr. Timothy C. Gerhart, D.C., D.A.B.C.I., Dipl. Ac., B.C.N. and the Renovare team provide a wholistic brain balancing approach by solving your puzzle. The first step to help with the causes of your brain fog, forgetfulness, confusion, overwhelm, short term memory loss, long term memory loss, overwhelm and difficulty focusing starts with a consult or brain scan.

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