The Perils of Obesity in Era of COVID & Why COVID Death Rates are Artificially Elevated

What is the one of the biggest risk factors for getting seriously sick with COVID and ending up in the hospital?


Are your surprised?

“Obesity has been found to be one of the biggest risk factors leading to hospitalization for those with coronavirus.”  This is from research our of England.

There are multiple reasons obesity creates elevated risk of getting sick:

  1. Obesity is caused by poor cellular energy production in our mitochondria. Instead of making energy, we are making fat and free radicals.  This starves our immune system of the energy needed to keep us Well.
  2. Obesity creates massive inflammation which degrades immune function and damages our protective 1st line of defense – our mucosa that covers our nose, throat, sinus, lungs and more.
  3. Obesity increases our risk of the deadly “cytokine storm” in which our dysfunctional immune system destroys the virus in our lungs and then gets stuck “ON” and damages and destroys our lung tissues. This can lead to massive drops in blood pressure, organ failure, and death.

Is now a good time to binge on junk food, binge watch TV or play video games, and stress out on depressing fear-based news?

Most of our obesity epidemic is caused by metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance. How do we help our metabolism so we can release fat and get healthier?

Metabolic Syndrome Repair Basics

  1. Fix the Brain and Body on Fire
  2. Fix Blood Sugar and Insulin Regulation
    1. Take a break from the sugar (esp. hidden sugar in processed foods) and from the grains that quickly convert to sugar
    2. Avoid liquid sugar like the plague
      1. Sodas (both the sugar loaded and artificially sweetened)
      2. Fruit juices
    3. Supplement Smart
    4. Increase Colored Veggies, healthy fats, and prebiotic & fermented foods (See microbiome chapter and Eat Smart Chapter)
  3. Restore your sleep
  4. Add some movement – an active lifestyle is better than torturing yourself with occasional visits to the gym that you hate. A brisk morning walk and another after dinner do far more than we realize.
  5. Drink at least two quarts of filtered water per day.
  6. Get help with sugar addiction. See the section on Neurotransmitter support. Must deal with the major underlying causes. Often serotonin depletion, living on the hormones of stress – a life out of balance.  A brain out of balance – neurofeedback and meditation can be quite helpful.


Why COVID Death Rates are Artificially Elevated














Since very few of the mild cases are being tested or counted, the death rates tend to be artificially elevated.  The actual death rates are likely comparable to our most recent H1N1 flu epidemic.

For example, if 1000 COVID cases occur, and we count only those 100 cases with moderate to severe symptoms (top to the pyramid) and have 10 deaths, we have a 1% death rate.   If we count all 1000 COVID cases, we now have a .1% death rate.  Our most current flu outbreak had a .1% death rate.

Perhaps this is why some estimates of COVID death rate are as low at .1%?

Jason Oke at the University of Oxford thinks not all of the deaths attributed to the coronavirus are caused by it. He points out that while there is an excess of deaths in Italy according to EuroMOMO, a public health monitoring organisation, it isn’t as large as that during the last bad flu season in 2016. His team thinks the infection fatality rate could be as low as 0.1 per cent.

Did we fear the flu and resort to massive fear and disruption of our country over the flu?   Are we reacting in a rational way to COVID?

Perhaps we have nothing to fear but fear itself – as long we have a reasonably healthy immune system?

Perhaps focusing on building our immune system should be our primary focus?

My top Nutritional Supplements to build immune function:

  1. Vitamin K2-D3 I recommend 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3 along with 360 mcg of Vitamin K2 (MK 7 version)
  2. Mega Multi Pro or another high grade multiple vitamin/mineral designed to be used at 3 or 4 capsules per day.
  3. Zinc Glycinate – highly absorbable form.
  4. Vitamin A – Bio AE Mulsion Forte is my favorite at 15 drops 3X/day
  5. Vitality C – at 8 to 16 grams per day.
  6. Biocidin – a synergistic blend of 17 herbs and essential oils with over 30 years of clinical use.
  7. Brain Relax Max – reduce stress and boost cellular energy to power our Immune system.

Call 623.776.0206 for a complimentary consult with one of our Renovare Wellness Mentors to help design a program to best support your immune system.




Mandatory Vaccines? Something to think about

COVID-19 – a term that we are all too familiar with in these recent months. This virus and our worldwide reaction to it has quickly brought about changes to what we believed as “normal life”. In many ways, our creativity has surfaced in a way that we did not know even existed in the depth of our being.

World leaders, doctors and scientists have quickly implemented tests, procedures, and medical choices, (and in some cases experimental) to help curtail or eliminate the effects of this pandemic.

Hidden in the chaos of these changes, could we lose some of our rights? Freedom of choice is something that this country has fought and died for. This does include our freedom of healthcare decisions which DOES include vaccinations.  Losing the freedom to choose how we treat our body is one of our most fundamental freedoms.

The World health organization or W.H.O. is trying to mandate a new vaccine – only this vaccine will possibly contain an invisible dye that can be seen with a special filter to ensure who has or has not been vaccinated. A recent article was published by Scientific American outlining specifics of this vaccine. .

We are not here to make a political stance on vaccines, but rather to inform you that your medical rights could be at risk.

A thought-provoking post was written by a naturopathic doctor. He posed the following questions:

👉🏼Who owns all of the patents on all the COV vaccines:. And when was the virus patented?
👉🏼Who is the majority private funder of the W.H.O.?
👉🏼 who declared the pandemic?
👉🏼What was Event 201 all about?
👉🏼Who did Fauci and Birx used to work for?
👉🏼Who says quarantine must continue until a vaccination is available in 12-18 months?!?!
👉🏼Who’s behind all of those initiatives?
👉🏼And now go learn all about ID2020. And who is behind that too?

Please educate yourself so that you can make informed decisions.

Renovare is  providing a link to a free eBook titled Truth Will Prevail – 1200 Studies that refute vaccine claims. Click Below for the link:

Dr. Gerhart is amazed at how exceptionally good this e-book really is.  Enjoy!

We are Deemed Essential

Governor Ducey’s Executive Order, this March includes Chiropractic Physicians as essential to promote public health, safety, and welfare. To support the health of our patients and community, we will be open our regular hours for the duration of this Public Health Emergency.

Our care is designed to support our immune health & Wellness. We do not treat COVID-19. Instead, our Therapeutic Lifestyle Change recommendations support Wellness to reduce our risk of illness.

If you feel you are becoming ill, contact us for guidance on best next steps. We may do an examination and refer you for emergency medical care or recommend natural care approaches to boost your immune function.

We are not allowed to claim that Chiropractic spinal adjustments may protect patients from contracting COVID-19 or enhance their recovery.

Dr. Timothy Gerhart, DC., DABCI, Dipl. Ac., B.C.N. 3/30/20

Renovare Clinic Remains Open to Serve Our Community

At Renovare Wellness by Design and Renovare Brain Wellness, our top priority is always the health and Wellness of our staff and patients. We are committed to ensuring the patients we serve maintain a vital, strong, balanced immune system as it’s a critical factor in sustaining public health. Reducing stress-induced sympathetic overdrive leading to parasympathetic crash is critically important to our immune wellness so we weather the challenges ahead. Our goal is to support immune wellness so effectively that not even one of our patients or staff become sick through this epidemic. Helping to keep people out of our overloaded hospitals is an important service we provide.

If you think you may be starting to get sick, call us at 623.776.0206 ASAP during Monday through Thursday office hours (9am-noon, and 2pm – 5pm) and We will coach you through steps to boost your immune system.  You may also email us at or Dr. Gerhart at We will coach you through steps to boost your immune system.

Let’s stay Well together!

We Are Here for You

Recognizing the immense challenges we are currently facing together, Renovare created some new phone consult programs to help keep you healthy during this pandemic.

Realizing that supporting our immune system is perhaps the most important thing we can do to prepare, we have created these options:

  1. Consult with a Renovare Wellness coach to create an immune support program customized to your needs. This is ideal for family and friends you are concerned about.
    • What to eat to support your microbiome – critical to immune health.
    • A supplement program to boost your immune system
    • Tools to transform stress into inner growth and development
  2. Consult with Dr. Gerhart to modify your existing program for further immune boosting. Our clinic fees apply.
Our gift to support you during this challenging time is a complimentary Wellness Mentor Phone consult with one of our Renovare Wellness coaches.


Since our Wellness Mentor schedule is limited, call 623.776.0206 now to reserve your appointment. 

Moving Beyond Viral Fear

Micheal Osterholm, Ph.D, MPH is an infectious disease detective traveling the world to research and understand these threats. Dr. Osterholm is director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy and adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School. He was the highly respected director of the Minnesota Department of Health for over 15 years previously. He is someone I trust to understand the big picture and the facts.

He has been warning that this pandemic was coming for years and our government has ignored the warnings:

His short interview is excellent:

His Podcast with Joe Rogan:

He predicts a “viral winter” of 3-7 months with 480,000 deaths in USA with outbreaks coming in waves.  Below is my current understanding with some of his quotes below.

Fact 1: Closing down everything will not stop the spread of this virus.

This may somewhat slow the spread at best to reduce overwhelm of our limited hospital capacity. We are ill prepared to meet the demands of this pandemic.

“Containment of this virus and preventing it from getting into the US was never possible, despite what some government leaders proclaimed.” Micheal Osterholm,

“Stopping the spread of this virus is like trying to stop the wind” Micheal Osterholm,

Fact 2: It is likely that most of us will be exposed to COVID-19 at some point

“Assume this virus is everywhere. This is a global pandemic caused by a coronavirus” Micheal Osterholm

Not everyone exposed gets sick, but they can still be a carrier and spread the disease. This makes containment almost impossible.

Fact 3: This is a serious problem – for those with a weakened immune system

“Think of this as an influenza pandemic caused by a coronavirus and you’re thinking about this in the right way.” Micheal Osterholm   My take:  This must be taken SERIOUSLY!

SARS (another Coronovirus in 2003) had close to 10% case fatality rate.  Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) has a case fatality rate of 25% to 35%. The COVID-19 virus has a case fatality rate (close to 2%) that is somewhere between seasonal flu in a bad year, which is 0.1%, and the 1918 pandemic, with a case fatality rate of 2.5% to 3%. (Updated estimates as high as 10%) So this is clearly in that range of what would be considered a severe influenza pandemic if this were the influenza virus.” Micheal Osterholm

Our best strategy is to boost our immune system and reduce our risk of getting sick

Click on the following links for more information on how to boost your immune system. Find out the importance of Chiropractic adjustments, our updated Immune Boosting protocol, and this blog posting in a shareable PDF.

ChiropracticImmuneBoosting20200320      Moving Beyond Viral Fear20200320       Renovare Immune Boosting Protocol 20200320
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Biofilms and their incredible impact on our health

A biofilm is a slimy coating that bacteria spit out in order to protect themselves from detection of the immune system and also to stop any antibiotics or any fungus from getting in and breaking them up.

Biofilms are:

  • Undetected in the immune system
    • They don’t show in tests
  • Resist to antibiotics which makes them very difficult to eradicate with antibiotics
  • Survive in the immune system without the immune system planning an attack on it
    • Resistant to the activities of the host immune system

Biofilms are “quorum sensing” which means they communicate with each other. They can be yeast, bacteria or viruses and because they are sticky they harbor things like heavy metals and endocrine disruptors which are harmful to the body.

Examples of conditions related to Biofilm

“Biofilms have been found to be involved in a wide variety of microbial infections in the body, by one estimate 80% of all infections. Infectious processes in which biofilms have been implicated include common problems such as bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infections, catheter infections, middle-ear infections, formation of dental plaque, gingivitis, coating contact lenses, and less common but more lethal processes such as endocarditis, infections in cystic fibrosis, and infections of permanent indwelling devices such as joint prostheses, heart valves, and intervertebral disc…. It has recently been shown that biofilms are present on the removed tissue of 80% of patients undergoing surgery for chronic sinusitis.” (, n.d.)

It has been found that botanicals and essential oils have been shown the most effective method of eradicating these biofilms. More specifically, a product called Biocidin®  has been proven to completely dismantle biofilms.

Benefits of Biocidin®  which uses antimicrobial compounds to:

  • Stop Quorum Sensing (communication between Biofilms)
    • Creates massive die off so bugs, heavy metals and endocrine disruptors flood the system. This die off stops the communication process
  • Stop the Initial Attachment of the formation of the biofilm
  • Stop Swarming Motility
    • the bugs form little legs such as flagella and pilis and go throughout the body.
  • Stop replication and spreading

Biocidin®  Testing

  • 250,000+ Complete Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSAs) performed
  • Biocidin® was the most HIGHLY EFFECTIVE against:
  • Testing showed high level of activity against:
  • Bacteria – klebsiella, staph, strep
  • Yeast – candida
  • Fungal species – aspergillus

Biocidin® Testing

“Biocidin®  has been the most broadly acting and powerful agent all the substances evaluated.” -Martin Lee, PhD, Former Director, Genova Diagnostics

Information from Bio-Botanical Research and presented by Sara Treffert, FDN-P –  Microbiome Keynotes 2019