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For most people, with a strong, balanced immune system, the coronavirus, the flu virus, or other viral exposures create few if any symptoms or problems.  Those with a mildly weakened immune system may experience cold or flu symptoms. Those with a with a severely weakened immune system may get really sick and a small percentage may even die.

What determines our immune system balance and strength?  Since 75% of our immune system is in the gut, does it make sense that this is critical for our immune wellness?  The answer is YES!

In fact, our microbiome, most of which is in our gut, is our largest organ by number of cells.  Visit our previous blog “Your Microbiome Can Make You Well” to view a recipe for a virus-resistant immune system. Also click on this link for Renovares Immune boosting Protocol: Renovare Immune Boosting Protocol20200312

Last week’s blog highlights other immune balancing tools to keep us well.  The attached link to the microbiologist behind Microbiome labs is especially informative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUlhB9ADksY&feature=youtu.be

There is truly no need to live in fear.We have had the bird flu scare, the swine flu scare, SARS scare etc.  Keep in mind that what we focus on, we create.  When we focus on fear, we create more of what we fear and fear weakens our immune system.  Our miraculous immune system, when balanced and well, is more that up to the task of defending us from a virus.

Since the coronavirus (COVID 19) has now been classified as a pandemic, the issue is not just washing our hands, wearing a mask, or avoiding people.  The reality is most of us will be exposed to the virus. The issue now is to support our immune system so we stay well regardless of exposure to the virus.

Remember that a strong, balanced immune system can handle the coronavirus to keep us Well!

Ask us to customize a protocol to meet your  immune support needs!