Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s)

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Creating an Invincible Immune System-EMF Information

We live in the electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) of the earth. Sunlight is a natural EMF source as infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light. The Van Allen belts that circle our globe are also life-giving EMF’s that are energized by solar particles emitted by our sun.  We need these natural, healthy EMF’s for Wellness.

The problem is the man-made artificial electrical and magnetic currents we have recently added that pollute our planet.  They can crash our immune system and make us sick.

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Is there research on the risks of 5G?

The wireless industry companies say there is no research that it could be harmful. This is NOT true! It reminds me of the tobacco companies that said smoking was safe until the bitter end.

Here is 127 pages of research as a start. You decide.

5G Risk: The Scientific Perspective

Show me the research from unbiased sources not funded by the wireless industry that shows that 5g is safe. It does not exist.

Would it be okay to get on a new airplane that had never been proven safe? Would you accept the argument that there is not enough proof that it is unsafe?

Steps to Reduce Dangerous EMF

From: “Creating an Invincible Immune System – Empowering You to Stay Well in Challenging Times”,

Move to the remote Amazon, rural Montana, or flee the planet.  I understand the feeling – this is overwhelming!  We don’t need perfection, we just need progressive baby steps to gradually reduce our dangerous exposures that works for our individual lifestyle.  We do the best we can.  Every small change helps.

This is a gradual process to make improvements for most.  Perhaps work on step 1 for the first week and gradually implement. Then on to step 2 after.  If you are really ill or just sick and tired of being sick and tired, you may want to make improvements faster.  Here are the steps that make sense for most of our patients prioritized:

  1. Get smart with cell phone use: Increase distance 2X distance = 1/10th the exposure
    1. NEVER hold cell phone to your ear. Use speaker phone or blue tube ear buds. Turn off Bluetooth and do not use a Bluetooth or wired earpiece. Best alternative is “Blue Tube” for under $30.: Great sound and safe.  https://shop.mercola.com/product/1841/1/blue-tube-headset-1-unit There are now more than 20,000 publications in the scientific literature that show significant biological effects from the use of cell phones. As you move your cell phone away from your head, the risk of radiation exposure decreases rapidly. Clearly, the further away from your body you can keep your phone, the better.  
    2. Use a R2L Anti-radiation chip for cell phones to reduce EMF by up to 70%.  R2L is from a company I know and trust and is listed in the resource guide
    3. Try to use your cell phone, when possible, only in conditions of optimum reception. Use it outside, or near a window and avoid using in a basement, elevator, etc. Avoid using the cell phone in areas of poor reception (all signal bars not showing) as some phones ramp up EMF 1000 fold when signal is poor.  Also avoid:
      1. Using your cell phone in a moving car – your phone ramps up the EMF emissions dramatically to stay connected tower to tower as you move.
    4. For landlines, replace all wireless phones and base stations with a corded phone: Advanced American Telephones 210WH AT&T 210M Basic Trimline Corded Phone, No AC Power Required, Wall-Mountable, White for Under 10. On Amazo
    5. NEVER carry ACTIVE cell phone on your body – in your pocket, bra, or anywhere else. Set your phone to “airplane mode” (in settings icon) or better turn it off.  You won’t miss anything since when you power up, everything will download.
    6. Never sleep with your phone near you. The harmful EMF extend more than 3 feet. So don’t keep on nightstand and certainly do not keep under your pillow.
    7. Minimize websurfing and web games on your phone. Holding your screen exposes you to LOTs of harmful EMF.
    8. Charge your cell phone away from your sleep or work-space.
  1. Get smart with Wi-fi routers: Increase distance
    1. Turn them off at night. An inexpensive mechanical switch like used for Christmas lights works great.  Turns off when you go to bed and on when you wake up so your sleep is not disrupted by EMF.
    2. Hard wire computers and printers with Ethernet cables whenever possible
    3. Position Wi-fi routers as far from work and sleep space as possible.
  1. Clean up dirty electricity:
    1. Invest in a Microsurge meter and test your outlets. Cost about 100. https://www.electrahealth.com/microsurge_meter.html
    2. Filter dirty electricity using outlet filters or a whole house filter
      1. Whole house filter: https://shieldedhealing.com/products/power-perfect-box
      2. Outlet G/S Filters: https://www.stetzerelectric.com/store/stetzerizer-filters/ (Call them for better pricing on multiple filters)


    1. Increase distance from laptop or computer screen to 24 inches or more. Use a wired keyboard and a wired mouse with a laptop or tower.  Get rid of your wireless keyboard or mouse.


    1. Turn off wireless on your printer and connect directly with a printer cable or Ethernet cable.


    1. Ditch the wireless watches. The “smart watches”, fitness tracker watches have clearly been shown to emit unacceptable high levels of radiation directly to the skin. This often cause rashes from the EMF radiation damage.   Use an analog watch (with a circular dial) and wear a rubber, leather, or nylon watch band.


    1. Get a meter to measure your exposures: Trifield TF2 meter for under 200. is recommended. Share a meter among friends and family to share the cost.


  1. Careful with electric toothbrushes, electric razors, and hair dryers – very high harmful EMF magnetic field exposures.  The high magnetic fields cannot be shielded with RF fabric blockers.  Replace with:
    1. Manual toothbrush
    2. Manual razor – Gillette type that uses replaceable blades and shaving crème
    3. Low EMF hair dryer.  This is the one I use: Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer, Powerful 2200 watt Ceramic Tourmaline Blow Dryer, Pro Ion quiet Hairdryer on Amazon for just under 50.  It drys my hair faster using infrared and feels really good.
  1. Get a Q-link Harmonizer: https://www.amazon.com/Q-Link-Acrylic-SRT-3-Pendant-Original/dp/B000WFG9JO/ref=sr_1_5?crid=1YF98DIJXYQ0H&dchild=1&keywords=q+link+necklace+emf+protection&qid=1588739826&sprefix=Q+link+%2Caps%2C205&sr=8-5

The Q-Link pendant that I wear around my neck has Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT) that allows it to resonate at a frequency similar to my natural, healthy frequencies. The copper, crystal, and other materials contained in the necklace are designed replicate healthy,natural frequencies for protection and energetic benefits. I have wear mine every day.

Doctors trained in Applied Kineseology whom I trust turned me on to the Q Link over 25 years ago.  With Muscle Reflex Testing (MRT) holding a hairdryer that’s ON weakens a test muscle severely.  With a Q-link on the test subject, the muscle immediately tests strong again.  I do not understand fully how this works and it does appear to offer significant benefits.

Note: Harmonizers reduce the damage but are not nearly as helpful as reducing the exposure. Don’t let harmonizers lull you into a false sense of security.

First, Reduce Exposure, Then Add Harmonizers

  1. Protect your computer and car with harmonizers:
    1. Q-Link SRT-3 Nimbus: https://www.shopqlink.com/collections/q-link-srt-3-nimbus
    2. Nimbus Trek package: https://www.shopqlink.com/collections/nimbus-trek-pack

Ideal is drive an older car -esp. an old diesel if you have electrohypersensitivity problems.  I have been driving a 1986 diesel for the past 23 years and there is virtually no EMF from the car once it has been started.  Safe is less than 1 milligauss and the 86 diesel tests at 1.5 milligauss.  My wife”s 1993 gas powered car tests at 5-6 milligauss at chest level.  Some cars test over 30 milligauss and a 2019 Audi sedan tested at over 80 milligauss.  Best to get an older car and keep the screens and gadgets off whenever possible.

Avoid using your cell phone in your car as much as possible – even for directions with a map function.  EMF levels go sky high – up to 1000X higher in a moving car than with normal stationary cell phone use.  When our best option is driving a newer car, try to keep the computer screen off and wear a Q-link combined with a Nimbus Trek package plugged into your car.

  1. Optimize your Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) protection:
    1. Boost mitochondrial energy production and anti-oxidants with eating and supplementing smart.
      1. Magnesium – a natural calcium channel regulator to protect against activation of the VGCC that leads to massive oxidative stress which creates radiation injury/damage.
      2. Niacin 25 mg/da
      3. NAD+ – needed for PARP enzymes that repair DNA damage. Best source is NAD+ Gold from Quicksilver Scientific
      4. Hydrogen water – tablets dropped into water 1X – 2X/day
      5. NRF2 support.

      More on these supplements in Chapter 7

    2. Support detox of heavy metals and toxic chemicals which make us sensitive to EMF harm.
    3. Optimize sleep and exercise and stress management
    4. Grounding – use a grounding mat for sleep and work – best source ever of earth’s electrons for the best ever anti-oxidants. I use the Grounding Therapy Sleep Mat from ultimatelongevity.com.    I use the double size for 189.
  1. Fix Lights – get rid of all fluorescent and CFL’s and switch to zero-flicker LED’s.
    1. Learn more about LED light flicker causing health problems at: https://www.led-professional.com/resources-1/articles/lighting-flicker-from-led-lighting-systems/LpR53_p50-p59.pdf8
    2. Flicker Free LED light source: https://store.waveformlighting.com/collections/a19-bulbs/products/centric-home-full-spectrum-flicker-free-a19-10w-led-bulb
  1. Avoid 5G enabled smart phones, smart speakers, routers, and other devices!
    1. The iPhone 12 being released in fall of 2020 will be 5G. Stick to older phones to avoid beaming 5G into your space.
  1. Become active to change things. To get started, visit: https://www.emf-experts.com/EMF-groups.html


Remember, it is about Progress, Not Perfection.  Enjoy the journey and let me know how your energy and Wellness improve with the changes you make.