Frequency Balancing

We’re here to help those with challenging, complex chronic health conditions.

woman overwhelmed with pain

A Frequency Balancing session reads your body’s frequencies and compares them to a database of 120,000 known healthy frequencies. Every cell and organ in the body has it’s own distinctive Vibrational Frequency or Oscillation.

When these frequency oscillations are disrupted by toxic stress, poor sleep, emotional overload, toxins, or trauma, it can lead to dysfunction and loss of energetic Wellness. These imbalances, if not corrected, can lead to fatigue, anxiety, depression, illness, or disease.


You will wear a bone conducting headset that scans your body’s electromagnetic energy field. We will perform your scan and a report will be generated outlining the areas of frequency imbalance. Then the headset will transmit the correct healthy frequencies to support energetic balancing of your mitochondria, cells, brain, and body.

This is important since our cells and mitochondria depend on balanced energy frequencies to work well and to heal. These sessions are VERY relaxing and some even dose off during the sessions. Some feel the differences immediately.

Frequency Balancing SCAN Uses:

Bio Resonance Recognition
This process transmits a specific signal from the brain through a pair of small transducers placed in the front of each ear into the nervous system. This is what enables the brain to identify which part of the body is being scanned.

Bio Resonance Comparison
This process receives from the brain the resonating frequency of the part of the body that was selected and is then compared to a known homeostatic frequency that the selected organ, tissue, or cell structure should be vibrating at if healthy.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
This process involves sending a Sympathetic Vibration back into the body to encourage the cell part, tissue, or organ that is not within their homeostatic Wellness range to move back towards the ideal range.

Frequency Balancing is a combination of technology from Russia, Germany, Spain, Asia, and the USA.

Most of this technology is based on the works of Nikola Tesla, Dr. Royal Rife, Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, Albert Einstein, and others that realized that everything physical, at its most fundamental level, is energy frequency.

Biophysicists in Russia pioneered the work of identifying specific frequencies in the human body and amassed a database of more than 120,000 different frequencies. These frequencies are the same in every person.

Medical researchers in Germany found that the health of an organ, tissue, system or cell structure within the body can be determined by passing micro-current frequencies through the body and measuring the current’s resistance.