Frequency Specific Laser

We’re here to help those with challenging, complex chronic health conditions.

Frequency Laser PL Touch device

Frequency carries information and our new Frequency Specific Laser can be programmed with frequencies for different organs and tissues as well as for inflammation, toxicity, pain, arthritis, calming, sleep and more. With 2 laser heads we can treat multiple areas at the same time – like left cerebellum and right parietal brain to boost the parasympathetic activity to support calm, peaceful, detox, digestion, healing, and repair. We can also activate the Vagal nerve while treating Leaky Gut over the abdominal area.

Frequency Laser PL Touch

This laser is FDA approved as safe and effective and can be used on the brain. Laser light photons effectively penetrate the skull to brain healing and improved function. Research shows this kind of laser reduces inflammation & overactivity in the brain (common in anxiety & brain degeneration) while pre-treating the brain to help protect the brain from injury.

This new laser is combination of the health-supporting benefits of our current lasers and our Frequency Specific Microcurrent combined. It offers ability to treat multiple areas to activate brain specific regions and nerves with unprecedented specificity.