Is My Brain Working?

How would you know if your brain is working unless you look? At Renovare Brain Wellness, we also use QEEG Brain Scanning and other assessments to see how your brain waves and connections are working.

Are you experiencing more anxiety, brain fog, forgetfulness, confusion, overwhelm, depression, or memory loss? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to focus? These are symptoms that your brain may not be working well.

Just a few reasons or causes for these symptoms are: past concussion injuries, brain inflammation, auto accidents, heavy metal poisoning, excess sugars, poor thyroid function, vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalances, traumatic brain injury (TBI), , over-revving of brain activity, slowed brain activity and brain connection problems.

Your brain controls EVERYTHING! Your brain balances hormones and helps to resolve anxiety, depression and stress. Your brain helps you control pain and your immune system. A well-functioning brain reverses fatigue and helps us enjoy our highest energy and quality of life possible.

Research shows that Alzheimer’s Disease & other neurodegeneration often begins 30-50 years before the symptoms start. Brain imaging technology (Brain Scanning) & NeuroCognitive assessments can show early brain function imbalances that can lead to dementia and brain/body decline. In early stages, there are many holistic natural approaches to support brain health and improved memory that show promising results.

One of my favorite tools to check how your brain is working is the NeuroCognitive (NeuroCog) assessment does this by measuring 10 key brain functions compared against a database of normal. The NeuroCog is used in research and clinical settings in over 52 countries and 60 languages. This research-based brain function assessment is inexpensive, fast, and easy to do. It takes just 30 minutes on a computer and cost is just 79.

How would you know if your brain is working unless you look? At Renovare Brain Wellness, we also use QEEG Brain Scanning to see how your brain waves and connections are working.

Based on your Brain Scan results, we can create a comprehensive Brain and Body balancing program to support your brain healing and Peak Performance.

Renovare’s brain balancing approach includes:

  • Therapeutic Lifestyle change with customized training in improving your:
    • Mitochondrial energy production
    • Digestive function
    • Sleep and stress management
    • Eating Brain Smart to fit your unique needs
    • Supplementing Brain Smart to fit your unique needs
    • Exercising to support brain wellness
    • Detoxifying heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and toxic emotions
  • Blood laboratory testing to help better understand your unique needs.
  • Professional-grade nutritional supplements, herbs and homeopathics
  • Unilateral spinal and extremity neurologic stimulation to support brain balance
  • Neurologic Rehab home care exercises
  • Neurofeedback sessions
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM),
  • Painless ear acupuncture with microcurrent
  • Cold laser therapy,
  • Pulsed magnetic field therapy
  • Tracking your progress with the latest technology.

The solution to your anxiety, depression, brain fog, forgetfulness, confusion, overwhelm, memory loss and difficulty focusing starts with a phone call. Call (623) 776-0206 for a Consult with a Renovare Wellness Mentor Today! An entire professional health and wellness team is waiting for you at Renovare Brain Wellness which is conveniently located directly off Highway 101 at the Union Hills exit, 18969 N. 83rd Ave, Suite 1, Peoria, AZ 85382

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