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COVID-19 – a term that we are all too familiar with in these recent months. This virus and our worldwide reaction to it has quickly brought about changes to what we believed as “normal life”. In many ways, our creativity has surfaced in a way that we did not know even existed in the depth of our being.

World leaders, doctors and scientists have quickly implemented tests, procedures, and medical choices, (and in some cases experimental) to help curtail or eliminate the effects of this pandemic.

Hidden in the chaos of these changes, could we lose some of our rights? Freedom of choice is something that this country has fought and died for. This does include our freedom of healthcare decisions which DOES include vaccinations.  Losing the freedom to choose how we treat our body is one of our most fundamental freedoms.

The World health organization or W.H.O. is trying to mandate a new vaccine – only this vaccine will possibly contain an invisible dye that can be seen with a special filter to ensure who has or has not been vaccinated. A recent article was published by Scientific American outlining specifics of this vaccine. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/invisible-ink-could-reveal-whether-kids-have-been-vaccinated/ .

We are not here to make a political stance on vaccines, but rather to inform you that your medical rights could be at risk.

A thought-provoking post was written by a naturopathic doctor. He posed the following questions:

??Who owns all of the patents on all the COV vaccines:. And when was the virus patented?
??Who is the majority private funder of the W.H.O.?
?? who declared the pandemic?
??What was Event 201 all about?
??Who did Fauci and Birx used to work for?
??Who says quarantine must continue until a vaccination is available in 12-18 months?!?!
??Who’s behind all of those initiatives?
??And now go learn all about ID2020. And who is behind that too?

Please educate yourself so that you can make informed decisions.

Renovare is  providing a link to a free eBook titled Truth Will Prevail – 1200 Studies that refute vaccine claims. Click Below for the link:


Dr. Gerhart is amazed at how exceptionally good this e-book really is.  Enjoy!