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When we have Metabolic Flexibility, we easily transition from burning sugar for energy to keep our brain happy to burning fats or ketones for energy when sugar is not available.  When we lose Metabolic Flexibility from a poor lifestyle of too much sugar, too much stress, skipping meals etc. we can develop Reactive Hypoglycemia which is VERY harmful to your brain and body by creating:

  • Massive inflammation
  • Huge oxidative stress and accelerated aging
  • Fires the brain and adrenal stress pathways leading to high cortisol
  • Messes up insulin sensitivity
  • Can lead to brain rewiring (Negative Plasticity) which makes us super stress-sensitive all the time.
  • Can lead to chronic fatigue, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, slow metabolism, fat gain, headaches, hormone imbalances, and chronic disease.

Symptoms of Reactive Hypoglycemia:

  • Crave sweets during the day
  • Irritable, light-headed, or jittery if meals missed
  • Depend on coffee or stimulant “energy” drinks
  • Eating relieves fatigue
  • Brain fog: poor memory, concentration, or focus, Brain Fatigue
  • Anxious, agitated if too long without eating
  • Blurred or changed vision if too long without eating
    • Eat meals on a schedule – NEVER skip a meal, even if not hungry
    • Plan mid-meal snacks: eg. Apple slices and almond butter or non-dairy cheese
    • Make sure you have enough protein and fiber in your meals & snacks. Paleo type eating best for most.
    • Make sure you are getting enough total calories to avoid hypoglycemia.
    • Eat at least 30 minutes BEFORE symptom flare so we don’t fire these brain pathways. Eg. Eat every 1.5 hours if have hypoglycemia symptom flares 2 hours after eating.
    • Avoid overtraining/over-exercise without replenishing glucose.
    • If you wake up at night: Add Extra calories before bed: apple and almond butter
      • Scoop of Clearvite, Brain Restore, or InflamClear & fiber supplement before bed
    • Create a lifestyle so your brain can start to relax knowing it will be fed and not starved.

Treatment of Low Blood Sugar Problems:

  1. Eat within 30 minutes waking up in AM: Paleo style breakfast – avoid sugar bombs. Can do a shake: use InflamClear, BrainRestore, Clearvite 2 scoops
    1. Use unsweetened almond, coconut, or hemp milk
    2. Optifiber 1 -2 scp – excellent fiber that smoothes sugar release
    3. Add greens and berries
    4. Add almond butter, add coconut oil or MCT oil
    5. Blend and drink
  • You Must have metabolic flexibility (can burn any food source) to gracefully do intermittent fasting or caloric restriction. Don’t try this yet!

    Developing Metabolic Flexibility (Try this ONLY when you are ready and this does not create hypoglycemia symptoms)

    • Ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting helps create this.
    • More reactive your hypoglycemic Symptom severity = harder to restrict carbs and switch to keto, fasting. Must go really slow.
    • Step 1 is make sure brain is being fed so doesn’t activate the angry brain: Hangry (Hangry = hungry + angry). Find the lowest amount of carbs so their brain functions properly
    • Step 2 is gradually stair-step down carbs – go slowly!
    • Step 3: Gradually increase fat intake

    Later, you can try mild intermittent fasting as long as it doesn’t flare your symptoms.