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This is a fascinating new approach to support immune and overall Wellness with ultra-potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action for our entire body.

This is supplied as a tablet dropped into non-carbonated water that dissolves into millions of tiny molecular hydrogen bubbles. These bubbles pass easily through our gut lining, blood brain barrier, and cell membranes to quenches our most harmful free radicals while sparing important oxidants needed for cell signaling and fighting pathogenic microbes.

Quicksilver Scientific supplies the high-dose formula we use as “H2 Elite”.  Molecular Hydrogen is shown by the research to support:

  • Healthy mitochondrial energy production.
  • Protection from the ultra-destructive peroxynitrite and hydroxyl free radicals that result from harmful ElectroMagnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation exposure.
  • Activation of NrF2 to activate over 200 cellular repair genes
  • Reduction of excessive, harmful inflammation
  • Reducing apoptosis (cell death) signaling
  • Reducing allergy immune imbalances
  • Adaptogenic responses so we handle oxidative stress better
  • Improved detoxification
  • Enhanced athletic performance – improved stamina & reduced muscle fatigue
  • Improved blood sugar and insulin regulation
  • Improvement in neurodegeneration
  • Improved immune function

Best to dissolve one tablet in a glass of still (non-carbonated) water and drink once or twice per day. Takes about 2 minutes to fully dissolve and saturate the water becoming ready to drink. Not as effective is sipped over time

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