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Start with eating brain smart. Supplements don’t fix crappy, processed, artificial, fake Frankenstein semi-synthetic food from food coffins.

The “Core 4” are the foundation of most supplement programs:

  1. A professional grade multi designed for 4 – 6 caps per day like MegaMulti Pro or ProMulti Plus
  2. Magnesium in the form that fits your needs:
    1. Acti-Mag for those with experience loose stools or diarrhea or worse with  magnesium supplementation.  This glycerophosphate form does not create the hydroshell effect in the gut triggering diarrhea even at high doses or 8 grams per day (just 2 scoops)
    1. Mag Citrate for those with constipation that is helped by magnesium
    1. Mag Glycinate for those with major malabsorption problems
    1. Brain Relax Max – for those who need multilevel support for internal stress or anxiety

Magnesium is nature’s healthy sedative and is critical to make peaceful energy, relax, sleep and manage blood pressure.

  • Vitamin K2-D3 plus:  Critical for happy brain, immune system, reduced inflammation and strong, happy bones.  Get a blood test – we don’t know it’s working without testing. Vitamin D has many roles:
  • Omega Essential Fatty Acids.  My favorite is Omega Boost 1300, a professional grade, clean, concentrate.  By using the monoglyceride form, absorption is increased by 320% making one capsule equilavent to 3 – 6 capsules of other types to save money and number of capsules to swallow.

I also LOVE our new supplement, Thiamine 50

I especially love combining Acti -Mag, our ultra high dose no-diarrhea magnesium with Balanced B8.  Research shows that B-8 has the calming, anti-anxiety effects of Valium, without drug side-effects.

Balanced B8 is myoinositol which functions as a second messenger to carry our major neurotransmitters like serotonin and Gaba into our cells. Those suffering with depression and anxiety typically have very low levels.  Research shows significant improvements in mood, sleep, anxiety, agitation, and hopelessness after 4 weeks.

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