Introducing QEEG Brain Scanning and Neurobiofeedback

With Neurobiofeedback we can train the brain to become more efficient in its actions and thereby decrease many symptoms of brain dysfunction.

Neurobiofeedback is effective with over 40 years of safe university & clinical use with no FDA reported adverse effects.

With Neurobiofeedback we can train the brain to become more efficient in its actions and thereby decrease many symptoms of brain dysfunction such as poor attention, information processing problems, poor memory, anxiety, depression, behavior & eating problems, and poor sleep.

The reason Neurobiofeedback works is because neurons that fire together wire together. Neurobiofeedback brain training helps your brain make new and more efficient connections that enable better function. The brain scan below show connections. Normal is optimal connections with no lines on the scan. The example on the left below shows major brain connection problems:

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Daniel Amen MD, the bestselling author and psychiatrist says: “You can change your Brain and when you do, you change Your Life!” Have you noticed:

Did you know that we can easily learn to change our brain waves?

We really have no idea about the capabilities of our brains until we have a chance to enhance our brain with the help of neurofeedback. Neurofeedback aids the brain in the writing of its own software. We are helping our brain to learn by giving it information on its own activity. This is “‘Augmented Reality” for our brain for super-learning. Our brain takes advantage immediately—and it is capable of doing so at any age. This is the remarkable brain-changing power of Neuroplasticity augmented by Neurofeedback

Why would you want to change your brain waves?

What is NeurobioFeedback?

NeurobioFeedback is training that promotes growth and change at the cellular level of our brain. For over 35 years, it has transformed the lives of those with seizure disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, closed head injuries, headaches, and age-related cognitive decline. It offers peak-performance training for athletes, executives, performers, and many others.

Neurobiofeedback balances our brainwaves so that our mind-body can work at optimum Wellness. Used for over 35 years in research laboratories, it is now available in clinics like ours.

How does it work? A healthy brain has higher brainwave activity in the front of the brain vs. the back and higher activity on the left side vs. the right side. A healthy brain communicates efficiently front to back, right to left, and bottom to top. We measure this with a 3D ElectroEncephaloGraph (EEG) Brain Scan. Like an EKG for the heart, EEG measures our brain.

Your brain is rewarded with auditory or visual feedback for creating balanced brain wave activity & connections. As these new brain wave patterns are reinforced, we are creating permanent new pathways. It’s computer-aided advanced learning for our brains – while we relax!

If you have been diagnosed with one of the following, research has shown that QEEG Brain Scan-guided Neurobiofeedback can be a safe, effective, drug-free support for optimizing your Brain Balance and Wellness: ADD / ADHD, Autism, Chronic Pain, Head Injuries, Lyme Disease, PTSD / Stress, Addiction, Depression /Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Sleep Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia / Sleep, Obsessive / OCD, Stroke

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