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Restore Your Energy, Fat-burning Metabolism, And Wellness With A Doctor-developed LifeStyle That Fits Your Unique Needs

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You have tried diet after diet – and nothing works. You have damaged your metabolism enough that it seems that just looking at food makes you gain weight. You suffer with stress, anxiety, sleep problems, and your digestion is a mess. Your get-up-and-go got up and went. You struggle to make it to the end of your day and your fatigue is getting worse. Your aches and pains multiply and you feel old far too early. You despair of ever becoming lean and fit again or enjoying looking and feeling attractive.

Medical research tells us that almost 90% or our chronic health problems are related to our LifeStyle choices. This book lays out the steps to restore your damaged metabolism, energy, and pain-free Wellness by dealing with the root issues causing your problems. Dealing with the root causes – all of them – is essential to repair your metabolism so that you gain muscle, lose unwanted fat easily and become lean and fit without EVER needing to diet again. Covering up your metabolism problems with silly diets that lead to muscle loss and metabolic damage is a recipe for failure. Isn’t it time to do it right? Almost 30 years of continuous learning and clinical experience has taught me the 7 Secrets to creating a LifeStyle that fits your genetic needs. You need not be stuck living with chronic disease. You can find hope and reclaim your Wellness.

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