Prologel Pain Relief Therapy

We’re here to help those with challenging, complex chronic health conditions.

woman overwhelmed with pain

Much common arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, & muscle pain is actually Neuropathic pain. This means superficial nerves just under the skin become compressed by tight muscles, fascial adhesions (scar tissue), overuse, and trauma triggering inflammation of the shallow nerves. Our nerves are sensitive since the Nervi Nervorum innervates the surface of the nerve and senses compression and irritation.  This nerve irritation & swelling can then trigger:

  • Neurogenic inflammation = irritated nerves trigger inflammation of tissues around it creating vasodilation(swelling), a red flare response, heat, and pain.
  • Inflammation of nerve endings in area controlled by the nerve.
  • Irritation of spinal cord
  • Chronic pain cycles in brain and spinal cord
  • Limbic system activation which triggers fight or flight toxic stress response upsetting our critical autonomic control system causing:
    • Anxiety and loss of peaceful calm & poor sleep
    • Turning off our healing and repair response
    • Poor digestion and detoxification
    • Allergy and autoimmune problems
    • Excessive inflammation
    • Exaggerated and persistent pain

These areas of surface neurogenic inflammation can feel like trigger points, active acupuncture points, or tender, ropy, & tight tissue areas.

We can treat these with negative pressure, gentle positive pressure, Prologel, and therapeutic Healing Lasers.  Effective treatment creates at least 50% pain relief in just minutes.  Long-term relief involves solving the puzzle of why you suffer with chronic pain.  Too much sugar, gluten, diet sodas, poor sleep, high stress, poor muscle tone, low Vitamin D, low electrolytes, and high EMF exposures are just a few triggers of chronic pain.

Effective treatment of  Neurogenic inflammation of superficial sensory nerves can be a game changer.  We have 13 types of pain receptors.  Until now, the critical ASIC receptors have been ignored. Prologel is formulated to turn off this critical ASIC pain as well as the TRPA and TRPV receptors.

Rubbing Prologel into your pain producing areas each AM & PM or more at home care works with our in-office treatment and laser therapies for best results.

We have 3 types of Prologel to turn off the pain receptors shown below.
These are available in our clinic store for your convenience:

ProloGel Pain Relief

Original formula to turn off the ASIC, TRPA, TRPV pain

ProloGel Pain Relief with CBD

Pain relief formula plus 1000 mg Broad spectrum CBD high concentration with extra effectiveness for the TRPV pain receptor. Good for cold/weather change related pain.

ProloGel CBD and TRPA pain relief

Pain relief formula plus 1000 mg Broad spectrum CBD high concentration with extra effectiveness for the TRPA pain receptor. Good for pain worsened by heat – including heat from exercise.