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We are as Young as Our Cytoplasm

We are as young (or old) as our cytoplasm.  The quality of our structured water intracellular gel determines the health and function of our mitochondria, cell, and entire body and brain in profound ways. Our medical science establishment has been focused on the...

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Could Cold Laser Be The Next Big Thing In Helping Thyroid Patients?

A lot has been written about the connections between Hashimoto’s and gluten, environmental toxins, leaky gut, etc. However, very little has been discussed about the potential use for Cold Laser therapy, even though several recent research studies found some promising...

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Understanding Inflammation

Key Points: Excessive chronic inflammation is the primary cause of virtually every chronic disease of aging:Arthritis, bursitis, tendinitisChronic PainOsteoporosisDementia: Alzheimer’s type, Lewy Body, Vascular dementiaHeart attacks, stroke, and vascular...

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Mitochondria: The Key to Everything

Wellness = Energy, Energy, Energy!!! Cell mitochondria anatomy. 3d illustration Our energy comes from our mitochondria which are tiny energy factories packed into our cells - we have 2000 mitochondria packed into the tiny cells of each heart and brain cell. How well...

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