Renovare Brain Wellness FAQ’s

Are you looking to achieve your highest level of Energy, Vitality and Wellness?
What can Renovare Brain Wellness provide for you?
The name Renovare is derived from the Latin words “to renew” or “restore”. If you are someone who is looking for your highest level of Energy, Vitality and Wellness, Renovare Brain Peak Wellness may be for you.

The entire health and wellness team of Renovare Brain Wellness is dedicated to help you discover the root causes of your brain fog, forgetfulness, confusion, overwhelm, short term memory loss, long term memory loss, overwhelm, difficulty focusing and much more. Renovare Brain Wellness also has new solutions for children and adults with autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), ADHD and learning disabilities.

Dr. Timothy C. Gerhart, D.C., D.A.B.C.I., Dipl. Ac., B.C.N. will carefully listen to every detail of your health history and create a “Root Cause Graphic” to help understand how your symptoms connect and the likely root causes underlying your problems. He will work to discover the clues to the puzzle pieces that may have been missed before. Your progress is then carefully tracked in order to evaluate which wellness approaches work the very best for your unique needs.

Renovare Brain Wellness will work to solve your puzzle so we can create a personalized brain balancing program that fits your needs, desires and genetic uniqueness.

What makes Renovare Brain Wellness unique?

Renovare will not teach you how to ‘manage’ or ‘live with’ your current chronic health condition. Many patients walking through the Renovare doorway have suffered with chronic disease conditions for months of years. Dr. Timothy C. Gerhart, D.C., D.A.B.C.I., Dipl. Ac., B.C.N. understands that you have suffered for far too long. His team is committed to helping your find the effective, safe and natural care approach that works for you. They focus on the reasons why you got sick to begin with. They are not satisfied with just covering up your symptoms.

Our medical care system is great for acute or life-threatening issues. Hospitals, trauma care teams, emergency rooms and urgent care clinics are perfect for life-threatening crisis care needs. This type of care usually has one cause, one problem and one treatment. With complex chronic disease, a different approach dealing with root causes is needed.

Renovare Brain Wellness works to help those who “have tried everything” without success. Since our brain controls EVERYTHING, scanning brain wave activity is often key to understanding why our body does not heal and we still suffer. What especially makes the Renovare Care approach unique, is we work to balance both your Brain and your Body. We have found this unique Brain and Body balancing care approach the key to success for our most challenging patients.

In our relationship-based healing model, we work to create the profound synergy between mind-body healing coupled with Functional Medicine, Functional Neurology, and Energy-based healing approaches. We often find results with this integrative approach for those who have “tried everything else” without results. Our body and brain are “itching to get well”. We need to identify and remove enough of the “bad stuff” and enough of the “good stuff” to allow the natural healing and balancing process to take over and heal.

What is concussion?
Concussion is a jolt, bump, or blow to the head or body that jostles or bumps your brain around in your skull leading to changes in neurologic function. Headaches, weepy, irritable, anxiety, changes in sleep are common changes in neurologic function and can occur minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even years after the concussion.
Can concussions be helped?
Usually, yes. It is critically important to support your brain healing as soon as possible. Our brain is designed to heal after concussion but needs plenty of energy, rest, nutrients, effective detoxification, reduced inflammation, and reduced exitotoxicity to do so.
How do we measure concussion severity?
The Neuroguide Traumatic Brain Injury probability and severity measurement system based on QEEG brain scan results is one of the very few tools available. We combine this with history, exam, Neurocognitive Assessment, and other testing to get a more complete picture.
Can you help someone with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD, ADHD or learning disabilities?
With each of these conditions our main focus is improving brain performance by balancing the brain function.

Main areas of Brain Wave Function by priority are:

  1. Coherence or connections
  2. Phase or timing of brain connections
  3. Magnitude = Power of brain waves
  4. Frequency = How many brain waves spike per second measured in Hertz (Hz)

They are all connected and improving coherence and phase is typically most important in those struggling with ADD, ADHD, Autistic spectrum and learning problems (LD = learning disability).

Will Renovare Brain Wellness CURE?
Renovare Brain Wellness is not about treating or curing a disease (acute or chronic). By the time you have a chronic health condition you typically have multiple symptoms.

You may have been medically labeled with: anxiety, asthma, arthritis, chronic pain, depression, autoimmune disease (180+ diagnoses), dementia, ADD, ADHD, autism, Asperger’s, mood imbalances, hormonal imbalances or many others.

Renovare Brain Wellness is focused on you as a person rather than the diagnosis you are labeled with. The doctors at Renovare Brain Wellness take in account your unique genetics, unique environment (internal & external), unique lifestyle choices and how your brain is directing this balance process.

Renovare Brain Wellness will help you discover why you are so sick and tired. Renovare Brain Wellness will help you find the root cause(s) and create a personalized brain balancing program to help your body start improving your symptoms one by one.

Wouldn’t you love your brain wellness & memory loss issues to start improving? The entire Renovare Brain Wellness team loves that also!

How do we help Sleep Problems?
Deep, restful, restorative, uninterrupted sleep so we awake recharged and ready to go requires many things:

  • Sufficient energy – yes, we can get so overtired we can’t sleep
  • Brain autonomic sympathetic activity (gas pedal) slowing down and parasympathetic (brake, recharge) upregulating.
  • Reduced hormones of stress like cortisol and adrenalin.
  • Progression from high Beta brain waves (stress mode most of us live in most of our days), to slower Alpha, to twilight between awake and sleep Theta brain waves then to Delta brain waves of sleep
  • Sufficient magnesium and calming neurotransmitters like GABA
  • Reduced sensory “noise” from body areas not working properly
  • An effective evening sleep routine and a quiet, dark, cool, comfortable bedroom.
How do we help those suffering with Migraines and other types of Headaches?
We work to discover all of the root causes.  Common causes we see are:

  • Problems in cellular mitochondrial energy production
  • Excessive inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Excessive internal stress with the Brain Sympathetic nervous system control centers stuck in the “crisis” mode and burning out the brain and body.
  • Poor stress management
  • Reduced brain sensory tolerance – easily overloaded triggering headache
  • Neck and spine problems
  • Muscle and fascial adhesions and trigger points
  • Poor quality and quantity of sleep
  • Eating what does not fit our unique needs
  • Depletion of key nutrients and calming neurotransmitters
  • Poor detoxification and methylation
How do we help those who struggle with being Irritable and edgy?
We work to discover all of the root causes.  Common causes we see are:

  • Problems in cellular mitochondrial energy production
  • Excessive inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Excessive internal stress with the Brain Sympathetic nervous system control centers stuck in the “crisis” mode and burning out the brain and body.
  • Poor stress management
  • Reduced brain sensory tolerance – easily overloaded triggering headache
  • Neck and spine problems and chronic pain.
  • Muscle and fascial adhesions and trigger points
  • Poor quality and quantity of sleep
  • Eating what does not fit our unique needs
  • Depletion of key nutrients and calming neurotransmitters
  • Poor detoxification and methylation


How do I know if my metabolism is damaged?
If you have a metabolic disorder here are the common symptoms: low energy, low stamina, accelerated aging, failure to respond to exercise, failure to respond to eating smart, hormonal imbalances (i.e. increased belly fat), lab tests that show elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting insulin, or blood glucose.

Renovare Brain Wellness also has a Body Composition and Metabolism Assessment (BCM) that will give a detailed report evaluating your current metabolism.

Is there a way to measure my current metabolism?
There is! Renovare Brain Wellness utilizes the Body Composition and Metabolism Assessment (BCM). The BCM is used to assess your metabolism, muscle mass and fat mass. This is an easy test. You do not have to go underwater for the test. BCM is safe. BCM is painless. BCM is accurate.

How can I start repairing my metabolism today?
In order to start repairing your metabolism you have to eat plenty of “good stuff” and get rid of most of the “bad stuff.” Our specialized cell energy factories called mitochondria depend on a lifestyle that fits your needs to start healing and moving towards higher levels of energy, vitality and Wellness.

There are so many factors (root causes) that you may not know are there. That’s when Renovare Brain Wellness can really help.

Here’s a simple list you can start with:

  • Read labels (Can’t pronounce it? Don’t eat it)
  • Avoid the white stuff: dairy products, white sugar products & white flour products
  • Eat a rainbow of vegetables (leafy green & non-starchy)
  • Go light on fruit (Best fruits: wild blueberries, organic strawberries, blackberries, organic apples)
  • Eat 5 times per day (3 protein containing meals & 2 protein containing snacks)
  • Eat 6 servings per day of concentrated protein (15 gram servings) per day
  • Consume plenty of healthy fats (good fats boost metabolism)
  • Avoid: breads, pastas, crackers, cakes, pastries, pies as much as possible
  • Eat legumes in moderation
  • Keep a food log
  • Team up with someone to encourage & hold you accountable (Renovare Brain Wellness have excellent Wellness Mentors and
  • Wellness Mentor support program
  • Make sure you are getting enough quality sleep
  • Manage your stress wisely
  • Supplement smart
  • Exercise smart
  • Detox mind & body

Did you know a specific brain wave is responsible for detoxing the body? What if that brain wave isn’t working properly?

memory loss confusion overwhelm depression autism Asberger's Syndrome head injury auto accidents

Can you help me increase metabolism & lose weight?
Yes, our special program for weight loss and increasing metabolism gets results! We know that diet & exercise alone or just cutting calories often don’t work. Why?

What about the people who eat lots and lots of food and they stay lean and fit? It is all about your metabolism (how efficiently you convert food to energy). We focus on a personalized metabolism repair program so that you are no longer struggling. We help you get lean and fit and stay there easily.

weight loss boost metabolism

Renovare Brain Wellness can help you discover the root causes of your metabolic disorder and create a healing path for you to repair and boost your metabolism. Renovare Brain Wellness can also test you to make sure you need to lose weight. You may only need to lose body fat and efficiently increase your lean body mass.

No matter what your challenges are Renovare Brain Wellness can give you great support for your becoming lean, fit, and feeling & looking great health goals.

Does Insurance Cover This Care?
Insurance covers crisis medical care best and rarely covers the advanced, whole person care we offer. We are a “patient pays as they go” practice and do not accept insurance assignment. We do provide a superbill with procedure codes and diagnosis codes when applicable that you may choose to submit to your own insurance.

This does not apply to Medicare as we are non-participating providers that are required to submit services for active care spinal adjustments only.

Overall, make your care choices as if your care will not be covered so you only get good surprises. We don’t predict insurance just like we don’t predict the lottery.

Is This Care Affordable?

Experience has taught us that the most expensive care is the care that doesn’t work. Dealing with root issues using an integrated care model has proven to be the most effective approach for the people we serve with complex chronic health problems. We find a combination of Brain Balancing (improving brain connections & brain wave balanced activity), Functional Medicine (assessment of blood lab and other testing to move beyond symptoms to root causes), and Functional Neurology (assessment of nervous system signaling & autonomic nervous system balance to move beyond symptoms to root causes) and to be essential to help most of the patients we see.

Putting together the puzzle so we can effectively deal with root issues is the process we find most effective.

Our care is not for everyone. Those who are not open to learning, changing their lifestyle, or investing sufficient time, energy, and resources in their Wellness-focused care process are not a fit. We have found through the years that, with few exceptions, finances are not the limiting factor. Rather unwillingness to do the work of lifestyle change and hanging in there with the process over time are the real issue.

For those who are open to learning and investing the time and required work in Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC), but have limited financial resources, we have a number of options to help:

  1. Slowing down the care process to spread the care over time.
  2. Shifting more of the emphasis to patient self-care earlier in the care process.
  3. Care Plans to spread payments over time for those who qualify.
  4. Utilizing the sliding scale of options below:
    1. Reading and applying the lessons from the books we offer:
      1. 7 Secrets to Wellness
      2. Change Your Brain, Transform Your Life
      3. Why Am I Not Right Since My Concussion?
    2. We have had people read and apply these books and come in and give us a hug telling us it changed their life. These books are written as practical, self-help guides to assist you on your Wellness journey.
    3. Work with one of our Renovare Wellness Mentors. These trained and experienced paraprofessionals are available to guide you on your Wellness journey.
    4. Participate in our 12-week online Wellness Mentor program. This program was carefully designed to offer the encouragement, direction, resources and support to guide and assist you on your Wellness journey.
  5. Some have care needs that are beyond the scope of the sliding scale from the options above. In these cases, family members or friends sometimes assist financially and sometimes people save up for their care. Our vision and future goal is a non-profit foundation to help those who are a fit for our care but need financial assistance.

The solution to your anxiety, depression, brain fog, forgetfulness, confusion, overwhelm, memory loss and difficulty focusing starts with a phone call. Call (623) 776-0206 for a Consult with a Renovare Wellness Mentor Today! An entire professional health and wellness team is waiting for you at Renovare Brain Wellness which is conveniently located directly off Highway 101 at the Union Hills exit, 18969 N. 83rd Ave, Suite 1, Peoria, AZ 85382

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