Services We Offer

We’re here to help those with challenging, complex chronic health conditions.

woman overwhelmed with pain



  • Low Level Healing Laser therapies. (link to handout)
    • FX 405 laser system – FDA approved for chronic pain anywhere. We also use it support brain healing and brain balance
    • EVRL laser to reduce inflammation, kill microbes, and boost our immune system
    • PL-T laser to reduce inflammation and support brain and body healing
    • Apollo laser for acupoint treatments
    • Zerona laser – FDA approved for fat loss. We use it for metabolism repair and microbiome healing support
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapies
  • Neurofeedback
  • Acupuncture
  • Laser Acupuncture
  • Ear Acupuncture (with laser, microcurrent, or wires)
  • Pulsed Magnetic Field therapy
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Gua Sha or Instrument Assisted Adhesion release therapies
  • ProloGel Therapies for pain and trigger point pain
  • Pulsed Wave Therapy (Radial Shock Wave Therapy) for pain, scar tissue, adhesions, and calcification problems
  • NeuroOsteo Wellness Therapy – safely build strength 300% faster than by lifting weights in a gym while improving brain, nerve, joint movement patterns to improve strength, flexibility, balance, bone, and brain Wellness
  • Custom foot orthotic casting and creation by a top orthotics lab
  • Wellness Coaching – learning to eat, shop, and prepare great tasting food that is truly good for you. (link to current Wellness Mentor Program 
  • Peaceful Brain Training – learning mindfulness, meditation, and stress management skill so we enjoy peaceful brain balance in challenging times
  • Frequency Balancing Therapy – an energy medicine healing support 
  • Fitness Integration Technique – optimizing posture, movement, function and performance by identifying and improving soft tissue, structure, and neurological imbalances
  • PowerPlate Strength, Stability, and Stamina training

Supplements (Professional Grade Nutraceuticals):

We have spent decades developing an understanding of the best supplements to support healing and wellness. We maintain a comprehensive inventory of the most effective nutraceuticals we can find available to those in need with our experience guidance.


  • Professional Grade Multiple Vitamin/Mineral formulations that work
  • Many forms of magnesium and magnesium formulations for brain, gut, body, and mitochondrial energy support
  • Highest bioavailable monoglyceride form fish oils that are 320% better absorbed than standard fish oil. Ultra clean, safe, and effective
  • Vitamin K2-D3 formulations that blend the most active form of each for synergy
  • Professional grade probiotic formulations for many different needs.
  • Over 50 other supplements – great tools to use as needed to support your healing and Wellness


  • Spine, foot, ankle, knee, hip, hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, rib, and jaw joint manipulation (adjusting) to normalize movement, nerve signaling, and brain balance. (learn more about this in “Living Free of Dementia book, Chapter 8)
  • Identifying muscles and nerves that are underactive and activating them with neurocalibration to restore their strength and function
  • Close referral relationship with exceptional care wholistic dentist trained in Airway, snoring, apnea problems.
  • Creating Therapeutic Lifestyle Change programs with metrics to measure improvements so we can adapt your program as needed