Is Your Child’s Attention Span Getting Shorter?

Is your child struggling to focus and stay on task with school work?  Would you like your child to enjoy succeeding in school?  Would you like improved grades without the struggle and frustration?


Here are some things to help:

  1. Get enough sleep (7-9 hours for most). Start by turning off all electronic screens (computers, phones,  iPads ) an hour before bedtime. Make sure bedtime is no later than 10 PM.
  2. Eat Brain Smart. Read labels and avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup of with sugar listed in the top 3 ingredients.  The less your food has been processed, the better for brain wellness
  3. Supplement Brain Smart. Start with the Core 4 below:
    1. High Grade multiple Vitamin/mineral supplement. My favorite for most is Mega Multi Pro taken 2 at breakfast, 1 at lunch, and 1 at dinner.
    2. Magnesium to calm the brain and improve focus and attention. My favorite is Brain Relax Max Pro.
    3. Optimize Vitamin D levels. Often need Vitamin K-2 with the Vitamin D to optimize function.  Vitamin D regulates inflammation in brain and body and an inflamed brain SLOWS mental processing. We recommend D 3 5000 Pro or Vitamin K2-D3 Pro
    4. Optimize Fish Oil. We recommend Omega Boost 1300 Pro
  4. Do a NeuroCognitive Assessment to measure brain function.
  5. Do a Brain Scan to see the brain in action. Allows us to see problems in connections, timing, and brain wave balance that can be improved.

To optimize focus, concentration, and brain function for Peak Brain Performance, we have found the most success by “Solving the Puzzle”