Patient Stories

Transforming generations by balancing brain and body.


My daughter, at age 16, was miserable and my heart hurt for her. In school, she fought to maintain focus and attention. She was severely depressed and hung her head with her hair in front of her eyes to fend off the world. Homework stressed her into a melt-down. She would wait until the last minute and dissolve into tears about the homework. She was socially withdrawn and feared meeting new people. She had no voice and no self-confidence. She would not attend school functions. She did not sleep well. I was worried sick. Our teachers at school told us about the Brain Mapping and QEEG Neurofeedback approaches that were available at Renovare Wellness by Design and Brain Peak Performace. They thought this might help Savana.

Dr. Gerhart explained, in our introductory meeting, that Savana would first need to change her nutrition and take recommended supplements to help her gut and digestive system heal. The supplements included digestive enzymes, specialized probiotics, and supplements to stimulate cellular energy. Savana surprised everyone and easily adapted to eating more nutritious foods and complied with her new supplements. Quickly, she was able to do a Brain Map. The Brain Map guided Dr. Gerhart to set up a QEEG Neurofeedback plan for Savana.

Savana began showing tremendous changes after 12-16 sessions and now she has completed 20. The changes are out of this world! Savana wakes herself in the morning since she is getting the right amount of sleep. She is going to school functions and family gatherings and enjoying them! Recently she laughed and joked during a family gathering. There is no crying before school. She is getting straight A’s, but the big change is that there is no struggle with completing homework assignments. She shows a passion to learn now. She has been asked to be a tutor for other children and this would never have happened before. You can tell by her facial expression that she feels empowered with new self-confidence.

This change has made family life easier. She is no longer glued to me when we go out. I don’t have to worry so much about her future. I was so happy when she told me she had to do a class presentation and although she was apprehensive, she knew she could do it. She is able to be pushed in her academics now. What a change! What a relief! We are so grateful for the help of Dr.Gerhart and the Renovare Wellness By Design and Brain Peak Performance team.

Tammy B.


I came to Renovare Wellness by Design because I felt like I was “turning in circles” and could not find direction or energy for a normal life. I had many digestive issues, migraine headaches, overwhelming fatigue and anxiety. My vision was distorted and could not be corrected with glasses. I couldn’t read or even recognize words to help me find the bathroom when I was away from home. Vision became so distorted that familiar places and the environment around me would be so jumbled looking that my husband could be standing right in front of me and I would not recognize him until he spoke. At times, I could not make sentences because I was unable to put words together and remember them long enough for them to make sense. I couldn’t drive. I tested positive for heavy metal toxicity. Life was a struggle. In earlier years, I had a Traumatic Brain Injury and I also suffered from Post Traumaic Stress Disorder.

Treatment at Renovare Clinic has turned my life around and dramatically reduced or removed my debilitating symptoms. The Doctor started my treatment by addressing my nutrition and removing foods that I was allergic to. I started on a supplement plan that was designed specifically for me, including lots of healthy oils. I was able to de-tox from heavy metals. The treatments included Frequency Specific Microcurrent and Spinal Adjustments and the specialized supplemental program. I was getting much better but I knew that I was not at my best. The Doctor suggested a Brain Map in order to see how my brain was working. The Brain Map showed major brain wave imbalances. As a result of the Brain Map, I began EEG Neurofeedback . I have had about 20 sessions. I feel that the combination all of these approaches has changed my life.

My vision has improved and now I can drive! I can even read without confusion or falling asleep after 2 paragraphs. I feel I have exercised my brain and strengthened my brain. My anxiety levels dropped after only 2 sessions. I can listen to my husband talk and I can catch the information he is discussing. I can understand other people’s comments. My sleep has improved. I sleep 5-6 hours as opposed to only 2 hours in the past. I realize, sometimes, that stress can cause some of my symptoms to re-occur, but overall, my quality of life has improved tremendously. I know it is possible to continue to get better. I want to share my experience so that other people who are suffering will know that there is a place like Renovare Wellness By Design where they can get help to get better. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to work with Dr.Gerhart and the staff at Renovare Clinic.

I also must say, that I feel that a higher power lead me to this clinic. I give thanks to that higher power for leading me here and providing me with people who are so filled with love and kindness. Dr. Gerhart is truly a walking example of someone who operates out of love for what he does and he is truly sincere in his care for his patients.



Brain Balancing sessions have given me better focus for 2 extra hours every day and I am clicking off long delayed projects with ease. I am enjoying reading and accomplishing tasks later into the evening before my mental acuity tires. I have completed 26 brain balancing sessions and plan to complete 4 more.

Memory loss EEG car crashes head injury brain mapping dementia head trauma Peoria AZ wellness center chiropractic acupunctureMy Brain Map assessment showed, to my surprise, that my brain was working slower then normal and the two sides of my brain were not communicating efficiently. Although I did not know specifically what my brain was dong and I felt I could accomplish anything I wanted to, I noticed my brain was tiring earlier in the evening and I was putting off projects. I understand that my brain changes could be the result of a head injury I had at age 17 or it could be due to times of stress that took a toll on my brain or maybe both.

Now, I clearly see the beginning and end of a task. Tasks seem much easier with my new brain energy. I am accomplishing more without feeling tired or overwhelmed and I am planning some projects that I previously had set aside. With added energy, I find it easier to meet more of my goals for eating smart, supplementing well and exercising.

Another benefit has been to feel more relaxed. Since my brain is more relaxed and working more efficiently, everything seems more manageable and orderly. I feel more content and little inconveniences don’t bother me so much.

I recommend Brain Mapping and Brain Balancing through the qEEG Neurofeedback to anyone that wants to feel more energetic and peaceful and accomplish more with ease. I even recommend it for the high functioning person who simply wants to insure that they are able to achieve their peak brain performance. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to experience this amazing technology!



I knew I needed help in handling my symptoms of anxiety. I had almost become used to being anxious. Everything facing me seemed to be a big deal, even routine activities. When I heard about Brain Mapping and Brain Balancing with EEG Neurofeedback at the class at Wellness University at Renovare Wellness By Design, I thought it was worth giving it a try.

anxiety overwhelm frustration brain concussion confusion depression Peoria AZ Health and Wellness Chiropractor 85382After experiencing a brain map and 22 sessions of brain balancing, my anxiety has improved beyond belief. Not everything is a big deal. I can handle work with ease, reacting calmly to all of the people I work with who need something to be solved. I just do it, get it done and stay relaxed when I used to be upset.

I have increased energy, so much so that my 22 year old daughter says she can’t keep up with me. I have returned to accomplishing tasks like I did 20 years ago. I exhibit a new “lightness” in my demeanor and find myself laughing more with my husband.

I feel good and am surprised when I handle something really well, something that would have thrown me before. I am managing projects with ease and this makes me feel happy and relieved. I have even improved my sleep. It feels like I have finally put the pieces of the puzzle together and my brain is working well, anxiety free.

People who are considering the process of brain mapping and brain balancing should know that the process takes commitment. I needed to eat more protein because of the energy that the sessions require for the brain to do it’s work. One has to come to the session with hair being washed with a designated shampoo and no hair products. And a person has to know how to totally relax, perhaps with eyes closed and wearing an eye mask. I had my best success in brain training when I meditated during the process, but every person is different. I started to see improvement after the first 6-8 sessions.

The process is expensive but it is well worth it to invest on one’s self. A person could ask, is it more important that I have a different car or have a well functioning brain?

I am so happy that I chose this process and I am enjoying my new approach to life. This is something that will benefit me for years to come.



I am excited to share the amazing results of my brain balancing sessions to date. I have complete 10 of 20 sessions. I am sleeping for the first time in my adult life, I have begun eating real meals and I am beginning to know the real “me”, who I was and who I can become.

Great sleep low thyroid nervous system natural sleep remedies anxiety confusion Peoria AZ Health and Wellness Chiropractor 85382 For most of my adult life, I averaged 2-5 interrupted hours of sleep in a 24 hour time period. I rationalized that this allowed me to get more done but I did not take into account the physical and mental stress I was putting on myself by not sleeping. Now I am sleeping up to 7 hours a night, and if I wake up, it is easier to fall back to sleep. I wake up rested with a composed sense of energy, not the helter-skelter kind of energy I experienced before.

I am eating now, enjoying one regular meals and several periods of snacking. I actually have an appetite. Food used to taste like cardboard and I consume alcohol and foods with little nutrition. I am amazing that with little sleep and poor eating habits, I survived my 77 years.

This brings me to the third and most important observations of the brain training sessions and that is awareness, a knowingness of “me”, who I was and who I can become. Until I took that first brain mapping test, I refused to acknowledge how messed up my brain and body actually were. Now I seem to be more alert of the little stuff going on throughout the day; and the bigger stuff, anxiety and alcohol are becoming more manageable. Today I look forward to the next 10 neurofeedback sessions.

I am still on my journey, determined to make 100 years young. I am grateful to have this opportunity to live out my years with a healthy mind, healthy body, forever young with the “body in motion” for I have promises to keep and miles to walk before I sleep. Thank you Dr. Gerhart for letting it all be okay, thank you Renovare staff for your concern and support. You are all special people… very special.


When I was first introduced to Dr. Timothy Gerhart, some three years ago, I was very discouraged and frustrated with a lifetime of medical conditions that either seemed untreatable or treated with procedures or medications which worsened my health and functioning. The Renovare Wellness By Design clinic offered an alternative that proved to be more in accordance with the holistic approaches I had pursued with beneficial results decades earlier.

autoimmune disease ADHD autism chronic fatigue brain mapping neurofeedbackBy treating my symptoms with consideration for my overall health and attention to lifestyle, past medical history and trauma and ability to adapt to current challenges in my personal physical and emotional status, I responded to changes in diet and nutritional supplementation with unanticipated outcomes. My chief complaints were considered, addressed, and improved. I became enabled to perform in daily life in ways that had become nearly impossible. In addition, I became encouraged to hope for greater benefits with continued care and adjunct therapies.

As incidental minor health crises occurred, the doctor and members of the clinic were helpful in finding remedies that did not disrupt my improved physical state. This was a timely blessing since I was unable to qualify for any health insurance during this period.  As my general health and attitude of optimism were enhanced by the educational opportunities and resources offered by the clinic, I learned about the brain mapping and brain balancing options they offered. Dr. Gerhart took care to approach my situation with attention to the details of my individual and unique problems. My ability to sleep had been compromised for many years and had contributed to the decline in my situation.

I am happy to report that I continue to experience the rewards of my following through with the programs toward better health promoted by Dr. Gerhart and the clinic. My gratitude is renewed every time I think how the Doc has reversed disabilities and removed the despondent nature I first greeted him with. I can never thank him enough.