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The Journal of the American Medical Association reported a recent study showing that Vitamin D at 400 IU, 4000 IU, and 10,000 IU showed increasing loss of bone density (but not bone strength) as the dosage increased.

They tested Vitamin D alone just like a drug is tested.  A flawed idea for a number of reasons.  First is that Vitamin D is NOT A DRUG!  It does not work in isolation and should always be taken with Vitamin K2 which directs the increasing calcium levels from Vitamin D supplementation into our bones and teeth.  Without Vitamin K2 taken with Vitamin D, our calcium is deposited  into our soft tissues leading to blood vessel, heart valve, and joint calcification.

The next problem was using a CT scan (lots of radiation to boot) to evaluate bone density.  Bone STRENGTH is what matters, not just bone density.  Fosamax, Bonivia, and other drugs of the bi-phosphonate class have been shown to increase bone density while weakening the bone leading to catastrophic bone failure and fracture for some.

The last problem is focusing on large group studies trying to find what works for “average”.  In 36 years of practice, I have yet to meet an “average” patient.  We are each unique.

So what works?


First, “What gets measure, gets improved”

This means testing Vitamin D and blood calcium levels first.  If dangerously low, low, or even sub-optimum, we tailor a Vitamin D with K2 supplement at levels we think makes sense.  We use therapeutic levels of both with the clinically effective MK7 version of Vitamin K2 at therapeutic levels above 320 mcg per day.  Then we retest in 4 – 8 weeks to make sure it is working.  If the retest shows levels too low, we may need to add in Vitamin A to activate the Vitamin D receptor, increase dosage, or support liver, kidney, and gut conversion of Vitamin D to it’s active form.  Sunlight and photobiomodulation support this conversion.

We also use a urine test to measure rate of bone loss.  When bone loss is excessive we need to solve the puzzle as to why and of course retest to make sure it works.  If not improving we may need to add supplements like hydroxyapatite, choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid, biotin and others to support bone health.  We may need to reduce the hormones of stress and excessive inflammation that melts away bone.

In short, we need to SOLVE THE PUZZLE  for each patient to support strong, healthy bones for a lifetime.  Rarely can you solve the puzzle with one drug or supplement.  We need to discover the root causes of the problem and adjust our lifestyle – including supplements – to fit our unique needs and measure to make sure it works.  There is no AVERAGE at Renovare.  Everyone is unique & special and deserves to be treated as such.