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This Discover Magazine article is a wonderful summary of the emerging research.  Discover Magazine is like Scientific American for everyday people. Click Here for article.

This article explains why the Billion dollar blockbuster drug for Alzheimers Disease (AD) is likely to never happen.  AD is not one disease but many.

Each of us is unique with unique genetics, epigenetics, and lifestyle/environmental influences so we manifest brain neurodegeneration differently.

AD commonly occurs with Parkinson-like problems as well as white matter brain disease or Vascular dementia.  It is more helpful to think of AD as a complex multiple system neurodegenerative disease and move beyond the name of the disease to the root causes.  Here are some of the most common root causes from the emerging research and our experience in practice:

  1. Excitotoxicity – the brain over-revving in the internal stress response
    • Low magnesium a major factor
    • Excessive toxic stress
    • Brain imbalances from concussion, life traumas etc. that turn on the yellow sympathetic nerve stress response which stays stuck “ON”
  2. Poor circulation or perfusion
    • Not enough oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the brain
    • Low Nitric Oxide a major factor (get tested – cost just 10.)
    • Exercise deficiency/sedentary lifestyle
  1. Poor blood sugar and insulin regulation.
    • Diabetes starves the brain for energy and creates massive inflammation damage
    • Insulin resistance has been called “Type 3 Diabetes” or “Diabetes of the Brain” since 2014 in the research literature.
  2. Leaky Gut
    • Creates massive inflammation and damages the blood-brain barrier creating “Leaky Brain”
    • Loss of microbial diversity a major factor
    • Creates autoimmune balances that can attack the brain
  3. Poor sleep
    • Sleep is one of the best anti-inflammatories for our brain and body
    • AD considered by some researchers to be caused by long-term poor sleep
  4. Eating for Disease
    • Lots of sugar and processed foods
    • Lots of gluten
    • Avoidance of vegetables and fresh, living foods
    • Lots of pesticides, herbicides, and artificial “crap” in our food – best reason to eat organic
  5. Low Vitamin D, Low Essential Fatty Acids, Low Glutathione

Best news is that the ONLY research showing improvements with AD and cognitive decline involves TLC (therapeutic lifestyle change)

We are responsible for our brain Wellness – for life!