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Governor Ducey’s Executive Order, this March includes Chiropractic Physicians as essential to promote public health, safety, and welfare. To support the health of our patients and community, we will be open our regular hours for the duration of this Public Health Emergency.

Our care is designed to support our immune health & Wellness. We do not treat COVID-19. Instead, our Therapeutic Lifestyle Change recommendations support Wellness to reduce our risk of illness.

If you feel you are becoming ill, contact us for guidance on best next steps. We may do an examination and refer you for emergency medical care or recommend natural care approaches to boost your immune function.

We are not allowed to claim that Chiropractic spinal adjustments may protect patients from contracting COVID-19 or enhance their recovery.

Dr. Timothy Gerhart, DC., DABCI, Dipl. Ac., B.C.N. 3/30/20

Renovare Clinic Remains Open to Serve Our Community

At Renovare Wellness by Design and Renovare Brain Wellness, our top priority is always the health and Wellness of our staff and patients. We are committed to ensuring the patients we serve maintain a vital, strong, balanced immune system as it’s a critical factor in sustaining public health. Reducing stress-induced sympathetic overdrive leading to parasympathetic crash is critically important to our immune wellness so we weather the challenges ahead. Our goal is to support immune wellness so effectively that not even one of our patients or staff become sick through this epidemic. Helping to keep people out of our overloaded hospitals is an important service we provide.

If you think you may be starting to get sick, call us at 623.776.0206 ASAP during Monday through Thursday office hours (9am-noon, and 2pm – 5pm) and We will coach you through steps to boost your immune system.  You may also email us at renovarewellnessbydesign@gmail.com or Dr. Gerhart at drgerhart@gmail.com. We will coach you through steps to boost your immune system.

Let’s stay Well together!