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Recognizing the immense challenges we are currently facing together, Renovare created some new phone consult programs to help keep you healthy during this pandemic.

Realizing that supporting our immune system is perhaps the most important thing we can do to prepare, we have created these options:

  1. Consult with a Renovare Wellness coach to create an immune support program customized to your needs. This is ideal for family and friends you are concerned about.
    • What to eat to support your microbiome – critical to immune health.
    • A supplement program to boost your immune system
    • Tools to transform stress into inner growth and development
  2. Consult with Dr. Gerhart to modify your existing program for further immune boosting. Our clinic fees apply.
Our gift to support you during this challenging time is a complimentary Wellness Mentor Phone consult with one of our Renovare Wellness coaches.


Since our Wellness Mentor schedule is limited, call 623.776.0206 now to reserve your appointment.