Why a NeuroCognitive Assessment?

What if you could SEE how your brain is working and how it is not working? How could that make a difference for you?

Why a NeuroCognitive Assessment?

We check our blood pressure, blood sugar, and liver enzymes for body health but how do we check our Brain health and Wellness?

The NeuroCognitive (NeuroCog) Assessment does this by measuring 10 key brain functions compared against a database of normal. The NeuroCog is used in research and clinical settings in over 52 countries and 60 languages. It is a research based brain function assessment that is inexpensive, fast, and easy to do. It takes just 30 minutes on a computer and cost is just $79.00. The normative data base includes those age 8 to age 89.

It is especially helpful to track progress in brain function and is typically retested in 60 – 90 days.

Normal is green. Anything in yellow, orange, or red zones is a major concern and should improve with an integrated care process that supports your Brain Wellness.

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The test fee includes a consult with a Wellness Mentor to go over the results with you.