Brain Gauge Function Assessment

How well is your brain working? Are you enjoying Peak Brain Performance?

How well is your brain working? Are there early problems developing? Has your previous concussion really healed? Are you enjoying Peak Brain Performance?

At Renovare, we offer the Brain Gauge assessment to help answer these questions. Clear charts and graphs show these various levels of function in your brain to accurately measure your brain processing speed, accuracy, timing, sensitivity, connectivity and plasticity.

Brain Function Assessment involves your Somatosensory System using the largest of our five senses, touch, to stimulate specific regions of the brain. This assessment uses your perception of physical touch to accurately ascertain your brains performance.

Accuracy and reliability of Brain Gauge Somatosensory assessment is well documented and proven in scientific circles and supported by APS (American Physiological Society), University of North Carolina, ONR (Office of Naval Research) and ARA (Applied Research Association).

60 University and institutional collaborators
103 Peer Reviewed Medical Science Publications
400 Concussions monitored per year
6000 Individuals (from age 5 up) tested with 90% accuracy

It is a little hard to believe that your fingertips can tell you more about your brain than MRI, but it is true.

Who can benefit from such brain assessment:

  • anybody who wants to know their brain wellness level.
  • anybody who suspects brain degeneration & concerned about dementia developing.
  • people with heavy metal toxicity
  • children with behavioral problems and academic problems
  • children suspected of ADHD or Autistic Spectrum
  • people who suffered PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • people who suffer with migraines
  • people who received mild or severe brain injury i.e. concussion
  • people with early stages of dementia/Alzheimer’s
  • post-stroke patients, Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases
  • people with advance stages of Lyme disease
  • people who indulge in alcohol or recreational drugs
  • people who want to monitor the progress of their brain wellness program