Spread the knowledge

I am enjoying immensely the book” “The Obstacle is the Way – The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph” by Ryan Holiday.  There is SO MUCH negative news it feels at time like an avalanche of overwhelming problems.  How can we handle this and stay healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically?

By finding the silver lining. In every adversity is an opportunity.  In every dark cloud there is a silver lining – but only if we look for it.

This is not a head in the sand approach.  Not a glass half full approach.  This is diligently looking for the opportunity to grow, make a difference, and gain wisdom and experience through the adversity.

As Seneca the ancient Greek philosopher wisely said: “ A good person dyes events with his own color – and turns whatever happens to his own benefit”

So what some benefits of adversity?

  • Keeps us alert and stimulates us to learn
  • Raises the stakes and stimulates us to grow
  • Motivates us to prove our adversaries wrong
  • Makes us tougher and more resilient
  • Helps us to appreciate true friends and mentors
  • Shows us examples of who we don’t want to become
  • Helps us prioritize what really matters – relationships, truth, integrity, purpose, passion, serving others
  • Helps us discover inner strength and resources we never imagined we had
  • Helps us develop our leadership & warrior skills as we take on Goliath in battle

What are some Adversities I am grateful for?

  • The lie that the path to Wellness is more drugs.  I have fought this battle for almost 40 years and I am grateful for everybody we have inspired and empowered on the journey to Wellness. I am grateful for the motivation and inspiration to keep learning and growing.  I am grateful for the challenge to become better and better in writing and sharing truth culminating in 5 books so far with a 6th in the works.  I would never have invested the massive time, energy, and effort in writing books without this adversity lighting my fire.
  • The lie that masks and lockdowns protect us from a virus.  This has inspired me to inform my staff, patients, and family so they can be empowered with the real source of immune Wellness and live free of fear.
  • The lie that vaccines are our protection.  This inspired me to do the research and write Chapter 8 of “Creating an Invincible Immune System”.  Wow – what an eye opener!  Vaccines have saved millions of lives from polio, small pox, and other communicable diseases – not true.  Polio and small pox were 98% reduced BEFORE the vaccines were introduced.  The credit goes to clean water, clean food, and improved sanitation.

The Noble Lie vs. Truth

Plato describes the Noble Lie as a lie by those high status individuals/leaders of superior intelligence in the best interests of those who can’t be trusted with the truth.

We have the political elites, the ultra-billionaires, the technocrats, government bureaucrats, and corporate giants spewing Noble Lies like never before:

Better health through more drugs/vaccines- really????  We are less than 4% of the world’s population and use almost half of all the drugs produced on the planet!!!  Has this made us healthier?  We spend more on healthcare (really disease care) than any other country in recorded history and are currently rated 70th in health by the World Health Organization.

Let’s not waste this opportunity to stand for truth in the midst of lies and deceptions.  Every kind and truthful word we share with friends, family, and others makes a difference. Be courageous and hang in there.

Truth will Prevail!

I am inspired by the quote from Gandhi who took on the world’s super-power in 1930, the British Empire.

“First they ignore us, then they laugh at us, then they fight usthen we Win”