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I was visiting with a dental professional friend last week who shared that his clinic had been hard hit with viral sickness leading to many of his staff home sick and patient cancellations due to being sick.  Later, I realized that at Renovare, it is rare for a staff person (or me) to miss work due to being sick.  Also, we have very few patients who miss clinic appointments due to being sick.  When they do report being sick, we encourage them to come to the clinic for treatment to boost their immune system.  So why do we live free of the fear to getting sick?
  1. Virus’s only make us sick if we have a weakened immune system.  This is why in a viral outbreak, only some people get sick.  This truth is so profound that if I start to get sick, I just ask how have I been abusing my immune system ( too little sleep, too much stress, too little fun) and fix it.  The last time I missed a day in clinic due to being sick was at least 8 years ago.
  2. Although there are a few marginally effective anti-viral drugs, our immune system can whip up over 250 highly effective anti-microbial peptides (AMPs) with just a Vitamin D Immune boost (typically 5 capsules per meal or 15 per day of Vitamin K2-D3 Pro = 180 mcg of K2 and 5000 of D3 per capsule). These AMPs are highly effective unless our immune system is really run down.
  3. Of course, we need sleep, rest, plenty of fluids and eating smart (grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free) to support our immune system as well.
  4. Added further Immune support if needed:
    1. Vitamin A – I like Bio AeMulsion Forte at 15 drops 3X/day.  Do not use if you are pregnant or risk of becoming pregnant.
    2. Biocidin in drop form or Liposomal form
    3. Colloidal Silver (needs to the be good stuff)
    4. High dose Vitamin C
      1. Vitality C is my favorite.  4 grams (4000 milligrams) per scoop. Take to bowel tolerance (diarrhea = too much)
      2. Liposomal Vitamin C – again to bowel tolerance
    5. Immune Power Boost Pro
    6. Mega IgG2000 Immunoglobulin
    7. Garlic Oil
    8. Monolaurin or Lauricidin
    9. Probiotic Max Restore Plus or MegaSpore Biotic
    10. Astragulus and other immune boosting herbals as well as homeopathics
    11. Immune Boosting therapies:
          1. Atlas spinal adjusting.  Reduced fatalities from the devastating Spanish Flu at end of World War 1 from 1 death for every 15 flu cases in the States studied in America to only 1 death per 918 for those receiving Chiropractic care. Personally, I get treated 1X/week to keep my nervous, immune system, brain and body in top condition.
          2. Laser, Laser, Laser.   Low Level Laser therapy (photobiomodulation) is AWESOME.  Can knock out a viral infection quickly in most.  We just added the new EVRL laser with the 405 nm frequency that is FDA approved as anti-bacterial and anti-microbial (virus, yeast, etc.) Other lasers we recommend include:
            1. PL-T laser
            2. Zerona Laser
            3. LZR-7 or Apollo Laser
            4. Vie Light 655 laser for home use (I use it daily)
          3. Frequency Specific Microcurrent
          4. Pulsed Magnetic Field therapy

It is easy to see why we no longer live in fear of the flu – or other viral epidemics.  With all these tools to boost immune function, we no longer need to live in fear!